Lawyers Dare El-rufai : Supports Self-Defence, Warn Against Illegal Arrest Of Natives

SOUTHERN KADUNA Lawyers Forum has resolved to support their people to defend themselves against the incessant and senseless attacks, carnages and destructions by suspected Fulani herdsmen following the failure of the state government in its basic and primary duty of providing security to their lives and property as constitutional mandated.

Addressing newsmen in Kaduna, Friday, the spokesman of the forum, Barrister Reuben James, expressed regret that instead of the state Governor to reassure the people of Southern Kaduna of his government’s determination to ensure security in their communities, El Rufai vociferously threatened them with arrest and prosecution positing that any call for self defence was a hate speech. “It is unfortunate that due to reasons known only to the governor, he has closed his eyes to the fact that the right to self-defence is a fundamental and basic human right guranteed under section 33 (2) (a) of the 1999
constitution. “It is failure on the part of government to provide security to
the people that necessitated the call for self- defence.

A dead man cannot defend himself. “Therefore, we shall encourage our people to defend themselves within the permissible purview of the Constitution. And we, as Southern Kaduna lawyers, shall employ all legal means available to us to challenge every threat or breach of the fundamental right of the people to themselves. “The autochthonous people of Southern Kaduna have been targeted and subjected to unconstitutional, repressive, tyrannical and intolerable treatment by the present government. Their basic and fundamental rights have been violated one way or the other. “Recently, some of our people have been arrested, detained and prosecuted in blatant breach and violation of their fundamental right to freedom of expression and other rights as guranteed by the constitution.” He said The forum noted that the arrest of Dr. John Danfulani, a former lecturer with the Kaduna State University was arrested twice and Comrade Nasiru Jagaba, a former employee of the Kaduna
State government in the Due Process Office, adding that they were both detained and arraigned before the court of law. They added that the District head of Goska and village head in Kanikon Chiefdom of Jema’a local government area of the state were arrested and detained for over a month on a phantom allegation of terrorism. “A lot of our people have been arrested and are still under detention on baseless allegations.
The penchant of the present government to arrest and detain our people based on unfounded and ridiculous allegations is worrisome and totally unacceptable. “We can no longer watch our people who are the victims of genocidal attacks and ethnic cleansing being arrested and labeled as the terrorists and attackers have their constitutional rights to freedom and other rights violated on the orders of the governor. Henceforth, we shall employ all available legal means to protect and enforce the basic and fundamental rights of our people who are unjustly arrested by the government security agents under his administration,” they lamented.

Speaking further, the forum called on Governor El-Rufai, to as a matter of urgency elicit the support of the federal government and International Security agencies in identifying, arresting and prosecuting these international terrorists that are engage in inter-border criminal activities against the Southern Kaduna people. They observed, “it is common knowledge that most communities which have been destroyed by the terrorists, have forced our people to abandon their ancestral homes, and the communities are now being occupied by these Fulani terrorists, such Fulani found occupying those abandoned communities be identified, arrested, investigated and prosecuted. “That the government should as a matter of urgency, rebuild those communities and
restore our people back to their communities

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