Life is full of experiences, some of which are ugly while others are enticing. People gain experience after many unsuccessful attempts and some even break through their challenges after such challenges have floored them! Once they conquered those challenges, they shrug their shoulders and proclaim that they now have experience and should be titled, ‘experienced’ people! Some of them, would go a step further to add that experience is a best teacher. Well, they might be right but, is there anything in life that cannot be successfully accomplished at first attempt? If the answer is in affirmative, then quality of the individuals involved would dictate the importance of experience. For those who buy the idea that experience is a good teacher, I insist that experience could be the worst teacher! When it is said that experience is the best teacher, it is not one’s personal experience that is being talked about. It is another fellow’s experience and such fellows, hardly survive such experiences that are worthy to be the best teacher! Never allow your own experience to teach you! That is just an advice to you. Now let let address those who always mention lack of experience against the candidature of DSK!

It is ludicrous, comical and nauseating ,hearing the supporters of Senator Aisha , pointing to lack of experience as a weakness of chief DSK. These supporters are the ones who lack experience, or do not understand what experience means. I presumed they are of age and, should have experienced how the so called experienced politicians have let us down over the years. Just as they are actively proving to us that there is nothing like experience, by their inability to apply it and recall what they have experienced in the hands of the so called experienced politicians, in Taraba state in particular and Nigeria in general over the years, experience has little or no positive effect in politics and government! These people echoing experience or lack of it need to be schooled and, I have taken it upon myself to school them efficiently and perfectly!

One of the greatest fact about the universe is that everything is relative. Relativity is perhaps, the most important thing in nature. One can not light a lamp with petrol, no one can bath with fire and no person feed through the anus. These illustrate how important the concept of relativity is. There are fields that need experience, there are fields that need speed and precision and there are some aspects of life that may not need experience. Charismatic people do not need experience to do wonder!

Experience is a backbone of experimental and empirical sciences, where series of experimentation are needed in order to derive a viable hypothesis that could be channeled in to law. Here large margin of errors are set and allowed for the initial flexibility that would be narrowed and tightened at the end of the day. In sharp contrast to sciences, politics and government tolerate only minimal margin of error! That is why they are constrained by constitutions; both written and unwritten , with some flexible and some even rigid, justifying the fact experimentation from where experiences are gained are not allowed!

Since they could lead to extermination of a nation within a fraction of day.
People in politics, and occupying political offices do so by the virtue of the power they have. what determines their success is the source of their political power! The sources of political power among others are, Charisma, Education ,godfather, inheritance. But over the year, charismatic political power has proven to be the best and the most successful! A charismatic politician doesn’t lack anything needed to achieve milestones in leading his people. He is visionary, quick in decision making ,and always gets his decision right for his people! while those who have godfathers will be office holder in proxy! their Godfathers are their remote controls and, they always respond to these godfathers, as such they are just figureheads instead of being key figures in elected offices!

Here we are faced with two persons, one is the Charismatic chief, DSK and the other is the god-fathered, Aisha. It therefore beats may imaginations as to why some people are willing to throw away a charismatic politician and toil with Aisha who has Atiku as one of her many godfathers, without the thought of the negative effects of these godfathers! How many inputs from these godfathers are we ready to accept and put up with should Aisha, by an avoidable mistake become the governor of our state?

With His charisma, DSK has demonstrated to all and sundry how efficient and prolific he could be. I am still wondering how DSk would need experience to feed the poor, I am taken aback on how DSk would need experience to shelter the homeless. DSk who has grew a hundred dollars out of a kobo is now being seen as someone who lack experience? An outstanding entrepreneur of international reputation is being questioned on experience? Maybe there are talking about experience on how to siphon state funds, experience on how to promote religious and ethnic bigotry, experience on how to incite violence , experience on how not to pay salaries and pensions. Experience on how to manage disbursement of Ghana must go. But do we really need these ugly and obnoxious experiences?

Let us not forget posterity is our ultimate judge here on earth! our era is upon as and we must write some down before we leave. Wether we write negative or positive things, posterity will read and interpret them accordingly! Some of us, once we can hear some jingling sounds coming from our coin’s bowel, we are satisfied and only work to make sure that the bowel always have something inside it. That is not good at all.

As my mentor prof Emejulu would ask, ‘who experience help’? The answer in this context is Aisha, who is leaning on godfathers! She needs the experiences of these Godfathers to help our state? that will be too bad and too expensive for a state which is endowed with a charismatic politicians like Cheif DSK. Just like darkness warning away when light intrudes, experience disappears where there is charisma! DSk has got everything He needs to govern us.

Written by: Dr: Jad Noble.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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