Kogi workers who have served the state to the best of their knowledge and ability and declared “ghost” by the state government need not to ‎worry,as plans are on to approach the industrial court for redress

An activist and popular social crusader from kogi state,comrade austin usman okai dropped this hint during an interactive session with media men saying plans are at advance stage to mitigate the anomaly done to over 29000 workers classified as “ghosts”
Okai described the outcome of the screening and verification as a product of “dust bin”,political vendatta,inexperience dispostion at full glare,and wanton victimisation of public workers who have dedicated all their lives to the services of their father land
He said the outcome of the purported nine months screening was a concoted waste of public funds,outright witchunt,babaric,inhuman,non-challant,unreasonable and lack the basic tenets and testament of public office bereft of saner ideas
Okai assured kogi workers at all levels of his readiness to die for their welfare irrespective of their extraction stating that what is not good is not good as yahaya Bellos government is an abberation built on sheer capricious and malicious tendencies
Comrade okai promised to secure victory at the industrial court for the workers provided the judiciary remains the last hope of the common men,as a lot of illegalities,abnormalities,victimisation ‎done to the bonafide workers in the state declared as “ghost”will not be sweeped under the carpet by the court
“Yahaya bello is a product of the court,so let’s see how he will not obey the likely court verdict,as governor of a state does not make you amenable to the law of the land”
“How can the same government who claimed the previous administration populated the civil service at its exit,engage in elimination by subtitution of his cohorts.What happened at the state BIR was an eye sore”He exclaimed
He urged aggrieved/affected  workers‎ to forward their genuine documents to an email kogistateinaction@gmail.com for redress in court promising victory afterall.

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