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My attention has been drawn to the recent decision of Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state to hand over the mantle of leadership to his Chief of Staff, Mr Edward Onoja instead of the Deputy Governor as the constitution clearly defined.

Ever since Governor Bello resumed office, all his steps has been geared towards disgracing the good people of Kogi state and all they stand for.

It is unquestionable that Mr. Edward Onoja is unknown to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as an heir to the seat of the Executive Governor in absence of the incumbent by virtue of being an aide of the Governor as his office implies.

The Deputy Governor of Kogi state has since been deprived of his right to administer Kogi state in absence of the Governor but instead reduced to a status of mere occupant of an “irrelevant” seat, and in reality even the duties that are constitutionally assigned to his office has for long being usurped by the power mongers in the Governor’s office under the directive of Governor Bello.

This development is ugly, aberration and constitute direct abuse of the office of the Governor.

Governor Bello should be informed that he can’t govern Kogi state like his transport company, as the state is guided by the laws and statutes as defined in the constitution and other Acts. This mockery of the governance process must be put to an end.

I therefore called on the Chief of Staff to the Governor to curtail his taste for power and ensure that the right thing is done in Kogi state, as the interest of the state should be considered bigger and Supreme to individual Interest selfish interest.

While other states are progressing, Kogi state cannot continue to move in an abnormal direction.


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2 thought on “Kogi State Deputy Governor Sidelined: Chief of Staff”
  1. The constitution of the land must be observed and regarded for peace unity and progress of the state. All leaders must be conscious and cautioned as they are only meant to pass through whatever office they occupying now. Public interest must be protected. Thank you.

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