There was a failed Kidnap attempt on Sharon Demige Istifanus on Monday 28 August, 2017 in Ungwan Rimi, Kaduna.

Sharon Demige Istifanus, is the contestant representing Kaduna State in an upcoming reality TV show called “The Labour Room”, which kicks off on Sunday 17 September, 2017 in Abuja. In preparation for this show, Sharon had gone for her usual beauty lessons at a place called ‘Colours of Meena’ just opposite the Total Filling station in U/Rimi, around 3pm.

She got there late and the lady who took her on the beauty lessons was not around. Sharon then called Mr. Istifanus Daniel Bargo, SA to The Deputy Governor to ask if he was already on his way to Barnawa. She said her beauty class was not holding because the lady wasn’t around. Mr. Istifanus said okay, that he was about to head out but will pass by Ungwan Rimi and pick her because he was supposed to take her to a Designer who promised to make clothes for her upcoming reality TV show. He told her to wait for him opposite the Total Filling station.

At about 3:05pm, as she got out of the office and stood opposite the filling station, a Black C-Class Benz just like Mr. Istifanus’ drove and stopped in front of Sharon. The driver told her she should come in, that her father told him to come and pick her. She asked him who is her father? He said ‘Istifanus, or isn’t that his name’. She asked which Istifanus? He insisted her father sent him from the office. Sharon asked him, which office?’ and he was just insisting the office and said ‘Or are you not Sharon?’ She said I am but let me call him and confirm.

The guy insisted she should come into the car and call to confirm because they are waiting for him somewhere. Just as Sharon brought out her phone to call Mr. Istifanus, the car zoomed off. It was soon after that Mr. Istifanus got to the spot to pick her. As soon as she entered his car, she asked him if he has sent someone to pick her, he said no. She also called her dad to ask same and he said no too. Well, Sharon narrated her ordeal to her Manager/Team Head, #teamdemige, Mr. Jerry Adams, who then decided to first of all, report the case to the Ungwan Rimi Police station.

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