National President of the Arewa Youth Forum, Alhaji Gambo Ibrahim Gujungu, and his band of selfish minds have dared to intimidate Fani Kayode with whatever threats they could. It is so sad that till today, the Arewa youth Forum have not learned to grow above using threats even when it is obvious that they cannot do more than saying what they publish. We will be totally disappointed to be associated with such a group.

Arewa Youth Forum have noted that Fani-Kayode’s alleged lies against Buhari were aimed at creating tension and chaos in the country for his selfish interest. What that means is what we are still to figure out. But what lay revealing is the fact that this forum came operating the Northern way. Of cause the sound of her voice is by no way a divergence from the popular Northern Hausa/Fulani approach to matters.

We should note that the former Minister’s comment simply suggests that Buhari hates people of the South Eastern part of the country. This is as contain in Arewa Youth Forum’s memo. It is simply an opinion of Fani Kayode, it is the problem of the president and the presidency, the quick reaction of Arewa Youth Forum only suggest to us that they indeed take Nigeria for Dan Fodio’s Estate where only his tribe are born to rule. I do not see AYF proving the alleged statement as false rather they far more gave me reasons to see that this administration is more a Northern Nigeria affair. What interest us more is the fact that AYF is not getting at Fani because he challenges the president of the Federal republic of Nigeria, no, not at all, they are getting at him because they feel he is making allegations that are capable of taking the North and particularly the Dan Fodio and co tribe off the grip of power in Nigeria. Simply put, they are simply loyal to the ‘Northern Agenda’ at the expense of Nigeria and Nigerians. By our assessment, Fani has been exonerated by this memo as more a patriot than we ever thought him to be. It is such a shame that it is a group of 21st century youth that are suppose to be sound and objective that we find this sectional emotional subjective approach to issues. Listen to Gujungu please, “As the umbrella organization of all Northern youths in the 19 northern states, we want to warn Femi Fani-Kayode that he should stop insulting the person of President Muhammadu Buhari and other northern leaders or be ready to face our wrath”. What is the interest that you see here, to whom is the loyalty of AYF?

The above quote made us want to know again, what state form the 19 Northern states? Of cause, Kaduna, among others. As  Kaduna State indigenes, AYF’s stand did not in any way represent us, in fact, it is a misrepresentation and by our judgement an insult to Northern Youth. Whoever made Arewa Youth Forum the umbrella body of all the Northern youth is what we don’t know, but what we do know for sure is that AYF will not place in the public domain such a piece of trash in the name of Northern Nigerian Youths if it was surely to represent the position of the youth of the so-called 19 Northern States. It simply suggest that there was no consultation, or that in fact, AYF is just one of those mushroom forums that dare to claim power over and above all other Youth groups. Hence, SOKAPU youth wing being a youth body in a state tagged among the 19 Northern states totally disassociate ourselves and the many youth in the same shoe with us that have the same line of thought and position as we do.

We wish that the entire world note today that, whatever bad that Nigeria have turn today should be blamed on the North. Northern Nigeria have ruled Nigerian far more than any other region in Nigeria. And the most remarkable achievements when measured by the different civilian administrations in Nigeria comes from O.A. Obasanjo’s, Goodluck’s and then Yar’adua’s. Worthy of note too is the fact that, Yar’adua did not enjoyed the support of these Northern groups as he was thought of as someone who is not doing the needful by these same set of people in the North. What is the point? The point here is that, AYF is not patriotic and not loyal to Nigeria, secondly, AYF is much more representing something we are yet to uncover and not the interest of majority of us.

Recall it was Sir Ahmadu Bello who at the dawn of independence said in the October 12 1960 edition of the Parrot Newspaper that “The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our grandfather Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power…” This is a name (Ahmadu Bello) that rings a bell in Northern Nigeria. It is a name that has been celebrated far more than many in Northern Nigeria. To have had such a name used for the earliest largest and famous Federal university in Northern Nigeria is not a coincidence. This suggest that all this while, the North have been ruling Nigeria with a blueprint. The above quote is enough to throw this name in the trash hole of history where Nigerian loyalists are called, but no, the name stands out. Does this fact suggest anything? We think it suggest that Fani could be right not only in his recent critique of the president but in most of his position on the North. We see and respect Kayode’s views for the fact that he appear very informed about the politics in Nigeria and the place of the north.

This is not a South-south, or southeastern Youth talking, no, we are Northern Youth, still living in and in fact writing from the North. In the same publication and as a continuation of the above quote, Sir Ahmadu Bello also ordered in the following words “…We use the minority in the North as willing tools and the south as conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future”. We are of the minority in the North, the difference is that we are refusing to be used as  ‘willing tools’. What we intend by this revelation is that the world place side by side Sir Ahmadu Bello’s admonishment and the position of AYF then we will understand why Kayode should be so threatened by AYF.

The only civilised thing we see in AYF’s memo is that of the appeal to security agencies, at least they considered the power of the state but quickly again the appeal is “to arrest and prosecute the former minister for inciting hatred”. Is that not funny? Who is the cause of the hatred? If Fani says it raw that Mr. President hates a region, we feel it is only noble that any body that feels indebted to and wants to fight for the president should focus on proving such a claim as a lie rather than pose threats. But hey, you are welcome to the north where state power is used for selfish gains. We await to see the action of the security agencies. We want to see how well the North have pocketed the security agencies in Nigeria or how intelligent, lawful and objective the security agencies will prove to be.

We equally find it beautiful when the forum challenged that “AYF also wants to condemn in its entirety the recent outbursts by Fani Kayode that President Buhari said he would never forgive the Igbos. As we know that President Muhammadu Buhari is the father of the nation and his policies has shown that he means well for the country”. But we just wonder why AYF should turn herself to spoke person of the president. They further called “While we condemn his move to malign the President using ethnic and religious sentiments, we want to use the opportunity to call on security operatives to call the former aviation Minister to present his facts on the said discussion or be prosecuted for incitement and causing disaffection in the country. One will wonder who is being sectional here, Kayode who states his opinion about how Nigeria is govern with sectionalism, AYF who feels it is an attempt at taking power from her region or both.

AYF claimed the reason Kayode should be arrested and prosecuted is thus; “This is because his statement can cause the breach of trust and lead to crisis at a time we are building trust and working to bring all Nigerians together across the length and breath of the country”. It confirmed our presumptions that the North is still not realized the fact that Nigerians and particularly Northern Minorities have grown out of the core north’s deceit. The fact is that Nigerians and the Northern Minorities are now wise that we will no longer be fooled. What trust is AYF expecting she or the presidency is building when she is busy with her Northern agenda while she appear ignorant and silent about the nation.

The most ugly security challenge have been in Northern Nigeria and against Minority of the North, what pronouncement, positive and collective achievement have AYF done to that regard?

The worst of all terrorist groups in Nigeria were traced to the Northern part of the nation, what is AYF doing that suggests she is out for Nigeria’s well being?.

Southern Kaduna and many Middle belt Minority groups have continually been the victims of this Northern terrorist groups, how well have AYF identified with these suffering tribes? No of cause, since the minority groups are growing wings enough to challenge the mighty of the Uthman Dan Fodio estate it is not AYF’s business, after all they must “…ruthlessly prevent a change of power…”.

At this juncture, it should be more clear now, why AYF had to silent Femi Adesina and Lai Muhammed who himself may be a Northerner to defend the president. Why is AYF writing a memo, they stated in their memo thus; “The north and indeed Nigeria is at a cross road and we want to support the Stand of the Northern elders that all efforts should be geared towards retaining the presidency in the region. This is because it will engender equity and justice and go a long way to foster love and unity since the north has not enjoyed its share of power in the recent past”. Let us not forget that Gen. Yakubu Gowon, Gen Ibrahim Babangida, Gen Abdulsalami Abubakar, President Umaru Musa Yar’adua and President Muhammadu Buhari are all from the 19 Northern Nigerian States. Let it equally be noted that but for the demise of the then President Umaru Musa Yar’adua the north would not have loved a chance to have any region hold power. (You should by now know that when we say the north in this context, the minority tribes are excluded). It is also worthwhile to note that the Nigeria constitution have not clearly stated to us that the presidential seat is to follow a Zoning process. Now, what AYF is telling us is that equity, justice, love and unity are only sure if the north is allowed to enjoy her share of power. What then should the Igbos in the East say? Indeed AYF is not ready to let out power even if President Buhari were the most inconsistent president in piloting the Nigerian affair. Provided it is a ‘northerner’, it is just ok. It is not about Nigeria, it is all about the North. If in fact Buhari must not contest, listen to them “Consequently, if by any situation President Muhammadu Buhari refuses to contest in 2019, the forum is already putting in place measures to support any party , group or individual that supports and believes in retaining the presidency in North”. Don’t forget, “…any group or individual” does not suggest even the minority groups in the North. Again, as if to stress her loyalty. “AYF believes this is not the time to sit on the fence and we use the opportunity to call on the Northern Governors to act in the over all interests of the region and not their selfish interests that many at times overrides that of the personal interests”.

While we put down our pen, we expect that we all never fail to see the fact that lay so loudly visible. The fact also that come 2019 some fellows are saying ” no elections is free and fair except the one that still leads the North to power. Far more we wish that the eyes of the world, Nigerians and especially the minority Northern tribes see that their is more to it than merely occupying the presidential office as far as the North is concern. We pray we see the need as Northern Youth to clearly come together and defined who is who as far as representing our collective interest is concern.
By AYF Memo, it is clear that she is ready to sale and in fact is already selling the Northern youth for gains we will never wish for. To refuse being used as “…Willing tools”. We must resist Arewa Youth Forum on the prevailing circumstances. Our silence speaks more of accepting to be used as ” willing tools” to “ruthlessly prevent the change of power”. We must challenge this misrepresentation and state clear our position on most of AYF’s activities. Read a lot of her positions, to many others as Fayose and now Kayode. If Arewa Youth Forum has decided to hire herself out as a party’s war dog we must resist them by not granting the permission to use us where we do not send sign to them. Arewa Youth Forum should be warned by as much as there are Youthful groups in the Northern part of the Nation. Hence, we at SOKAPU youth wing wishes to clearly state here that we do not see AYF as truly representing our collective interest. Therefore, we disassociate ourselves from her position and challenge her to stop before the harm gets to much than we can contain.

S.I MORI. Publicity Secretary

Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPU)

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