On 11th July 2016, I officially notified the management and Council of Kaduna State University(KASU) my intention to withdraw my services to the school in tandem with section 16(1) Kaduna State University Staff Conditions of Service. On 9th August 2016,I received approval of my dated 11th July 2016 effective from 11th October 2016.
My decision to leave KASU after 6yrs of service was predicated on an unethical query issued to me on 6th January 2016. And an illegal suspension of services that followed two days later. My suspension from duty was premised on “my refusal” to answer their query of 5th not 6th January 2016. Records shows that, there was no communication between myself and KASU on the 5th January 2016. The only correspondence between us was on 6th January 2016, and I complied within the time limit given. Despite evidences of three different acknowledgements (VC, Registrar, and Head of Department of Political Science) I was suspended for not answering their dated 5th instead of 6th January 2016.
On receiving their suspension dated 8th January 2016, I headed to Industrial Court in Kano and pleaded with the court to nullify KASU’s suspension that wasn’t anchored on any failure of performing my duty as contained in KASU’s Staff Condition of Service. KASU filed a counter motion insinuating that I haven’t exhausted internal conflict resolution mechanism that said ; a staff “MAY” appeal his suspension within seven days to the council. On that ground, KASU and their lawyers beseeched his lordship Hon.Justice Dr. Lawal Mani to dismiss my suit. After running through my motion and KASU’s counter motion,Hon.Dr.Mani dismissed their preliminary objection. And created time in his ruling and schooled KASU and their lawyers on the literary and legal meanings of MAY. And ended by citing Supreme Court rulings that gave employees the right to head to court while internal disciplinary processes are ongoing.
On realizing that they have failed in Kano, KASU management issued another query on 18th May 2016 asking why I shouldn’t be punished for absconding from duty between 8th to 27th January 2016. KASU’s query gave me the usual 48hrs ultimatum. Because of their heinous intentions, the letter was delivered to my department on 23rd May 2016. By this, it took their letter 5dys to transit from the registry to my department- a distance of less than a kilometre. Because of the evil nature of their mission,while plotting, they forgot that my suspension started on the 8th January 2016. So, the period they tried using to nail me down falls within the period I was already on suspension. The question here is; do people on suspension report to duty? Poor KASU and their external agents who are hell bent on hacking me down. The goddess of confusion beclouded their sense of accurate periodization and citing of dates while engaging their wicked pens.
What even engineered KASU to slammed their illegal suspend me ab initio? They suspended me on the ground that “they heard” that I made an update on social media. While answering their query,I begged to know which social media because social media is a generic name that encompasses dozens of platforms. We don’t even have some of the social media platforms operating in Nigeria. That was the question they failed to provide up to this moment that am writing. Much later, I got to know that, one Mukhtar Maigamo petitioned Governor Nasir Ahmed El-rufa’i that some of my social media updates were capable of inciting clashes between people in Kaduna State. KASU was neither copied nor involved in the petition. The question here is; if they weren’t copied or directly petitioned, on which premise did they generate their illegal query? Where on earth do corporate bodies who engaged staff with very clear functions act like this? Were or was the updates made on behalf of KASU? Do working in KASU automatically disqualify one rights of freedom of thought and conscience enunciated in our 1999 constitution?
It was clear that Prof.Williams Barnabas Qurix and his KASU management team acted a script of others. Or scripted the whole saga to cover themselves from sundry allegations hanging on their necks(They don’t know we know they are reporting monthly to some federal agencies) .Using me to atone for their transgressions was their best strategy. But I doubt it whether that took off the noose on their mischievous necks. I know one thing; the goddess of nemesis and vengeance will visit them at the right time. Lest they forget, karma is a blind beast. As an Evangelical Christian weaned by a Sudan Interior Missionary(SIM), I have transferred their act of wickedness ,victimization and scapegoatism to the courtyard of God because He said vengeance is His.
I’m happy to God almighty for according me an opportunity to meet with Mr. Muktar Maigamo the writer of the said petition. We will be meeting him in a state high court for a fresh legal battle initiated by Kaduna State Government. Maigamo has volunteered to witness for them and my lawyers and myself will be happy to cross examine him. What a golden opportunity?
I’m off KASU with pride and courage because while in there, I performed my duties of teaching, research and community service faithfully. Within six years, I attended and presented papers in conferences- at home and abroad .I also have publications in local and international journals that are capable of giving me the highest rank in Nigeria academic world. Records shows, that I personally picked the bills of most of such conferences and publications. On community services, I chose advocacy for good governance and human rights. On this, I have paid my dues. Above all, none of my undergraduate and post graduate students officially complained of any maltreatment or delay in supervision.
If God predestined that I will once more provide services to KASU, I will be get, someday. But for now, I love my freedom more than anything under the sun. I shall continue to advocate for good governance, run social commentaries and protest what I feel elitist and nepotic policies of regimes in Asso Rock and Sir Kashim Ibrahim House runs against my conscience and interest of my people of Southern Kaduna and the middle belt.
I will never permit my ethnic group or religion or where I come from to determine which rights to enjoy and which not to enjoy.Our 1999 constitution and other global protocols on peoples’ rights guaranteed avalanche of rights to all citizens without restriction. And I will enjoy those rights without allowing any/some dictator(s) to pull the breaks.
So long, Kaduna State University(KASU).
By John Danfulani PhD

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