By Nasiru Jagaba

The citizen is no longer the priority of the government. The government has been deaf to the cries of the citizen because of motives. These self motives are sabotaging the needed solutions that will effectively deal with the sad situations we find ourselves.

Insatiable greed has successfully divided us. Those who want to have all for themselves have frustrated the institution, system, and leadership that will bring about rapid development, growth, and progress which will give us a wholesome society and enhance living standard and livelihood in an inclusive and just society. The little development they have put on ground is not up to 10 percent of what they have destroyed.

For the the rulers to Keep their crowns 👑, they created a monster and named it “bandits”. And this monster has no respect both to the ruler and the subject. The poor cries also the rich. The monster has grown wild and threatens to expose and pull down its master. This has proven that karma is a myth—a man shall reap as he has sown is an appreciable element in the average morality.

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