KALANI WIN RICE target rice farmers and consumers in Southern Kaduna last year to increase farmer’s incomes through project interventions that is building the capacity of Farmers, improve small holder farmers’ access to financial services and document lessons learned and good practices for replication throughout Kaduna and Northern Nigeria.

The KALANI WIN focus on reaching rice smallholders who own up to two to three thousand hectares of land. This focus takes into account the fact that the small size of landholdings (especially on the eight local government in Southern Kaduna) Sanga, Jaba, Kachia, Kauru, Zangon Kataf, Kaura, Kagarko, and Jema’a is the main agricultural Hub for Rice farmers, technology and equipment available in the market. This condition can also serve as a basis for the program to demonstrate that individual rice farmers may not have the ability to invest in the use of agricultural technology or equipment, but they have once joined together in strong economic institutions. Such agricultural services, technologies and equipment can be made available for them to use successfully when they work collectively.

The goal of both the Honourable member of Jaba constituency in the house of Assembly, Hon Dr Samson Monday Dikko and Chief Dr Chetachi Ecton Dikko, the dual husband & wife are also partners in progress, program is to achieve a 30% increase in income for rice farmers within three years. The specific objectives are as follows:

1. Develop the capacity for Rice Farmer Group Unions to be more effectively serve farmers by becoming strong and self-reliant Farmer Cooperatives with legal entity status and well-trained management.

2. Give smallholder rice farmers sustainable access to improved financial and rural advisory services provided by the Farmer Cooperatives and ensure that they can make accurate use of this new and improved opportunity.

3. Capture and disseminate learnings from the models, services and products employed in POWER for replication.

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