Kajuru killing: Southern Kaduna people urged government to deploy security forces

The killings have been ongoing for months now unabated in Kajuru  and no words from the State governor as there was news that he travelled out of the country. Curfew was imposed in the affected communities after complaint from the natives about the government negligence on the plight.

A group with the name Coalition Against Kajuru Killings yesterday, Tuesday 19th March, 2019 held a peaceful procession at the Unity Fountain, Abuja. The coordinator of the group, Rev Fr Williams Kaura Abba read out the written speech.

In his speech, the coordinator  said “we gather in Abuja, the nation’s capital to bring to the attention of fellow citizens and the International community the horrendous attacks on many Adara communities living in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State by herdsmen militia”.

The death toll since the killings started is over 130 people, with several communities burnt down to ashes. In his word he said “the latest death toll of this mindless carnage has already surpassed 130, with several communities reduced to rubies, and setting the stage for a major humanitarian crisis that has so far displaced no fewer than 10,000 persons now living in four camps”.

This carnage started on Sunday February 10, 2019 where 10 persons were killed without provocation and no words from the state government. Only to watch on national  television 5 days later, the state governor  Malam Nasir Ahmad El-rufai said that 66 Fulani were killed by the Adara were discovered by the security operatives in the state, which he later increase to 130.

He said “The governors allegations over the killings of Fulani is still an allegation that is yet to be proven, as he has neither shown the world the pictures of recovered Fulani corpses nor commence investigation to prove his allegation. The Kaduna State Police Commissioner recently debunked the death toll as announced by the governor, insisting that investigation into Fulani killings is still at “embryonic stage”.

He said further “The allegation by El-rufai over killings of our brothers of Fulani extraction set the stage for reprisal killings and weaved the labyrinth of insecurity over the besieged Adara communities such as we are currently witnessing. Within the space of one month, we have been horror-stricken at the barbaric attacks carried out by these merchants of death against children, men, women including the aged. Communities have been reduced to rubies and insecurity now stalks these towns and villages unchallenged.”

“The existential threat to Adara people is frightening and real, as both the Kaduna State and Federal Government are playing the ostrich to the security need and humanitarian catastrophe pervading the communities. In most of the communities under attacks, the difficult terrains and their locations make the task of reaching them herculean” he said.

“We cannot remain silence in the face of these gruesome killings and deliberate agenda to annihilate Adara people whose only crime is being natives. The bourgeoning human carnage has the propensity of spreading to other areas of the state if not effectively checkmated. If we must save our shared humanity and salvage what is left of humankind, we need to close ranks and insist on relevant organs of government to perform their obligations without fear or favor”.

The group urged the government to deploy more security personnel into these communities. The government at both the federal and state levels must put this human carnage to stop. The government should provide adequate healthcare facilities for the wounded. The group also calls on government to set up an independent commission of enquiry to probe the Kajuru killings, including exhumation of Fulani corpses, if any, in order to bring perpetrators to justice.

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