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Kaduna State

What the management of Kaduna State University termed as “indiscipline” is a protest that occurred on Monday 31st July, 2017. In her press release, the management vowed to invoke relevant sections of the students handbook to decisively deal with defaulters. For the records, the students of the State University among other tertiary institutions in southern Kaduna have been off school for close to a calendar year now. The reasons behind this is that of security threats. Many logical minds have made a case with Maiduguri and the university there in that have directly withness series of security threats but school activities have not be so affected as with the case in Kaduna State. But let us come back home, in the same southern Kaduna, St. Albert Institute, an affiliate of the Federal University of Jos have between October 2016 to June 2017 conducted a convocation, admited Students and completed an academic year, in same southern Kaduna there is an ECWA Theological Seminary, her academic activities have not been Threatened, there is still annd Baptist Schools of Health that have not been interrupted. These are Religious institutions that would ordinarily be first target possibly should there be any security threats to schools in southern Kaduna. Part from the above mentioned, we have a Federal School of Statistics, A campus of the Nuhu Bamali Polytechnic and what not. These schools have been rolling.

Beside these, under still the Kaduna State Ministry of Education we have A lot of Primary and Secondary schools that are more in rural locations that even stand the threats of attacks given the locations the are found, but this schools are not closed and have not been attacked.

Still more, the Kaduna State Government and some management Staff of the State University have time with no number promised that these schools will be opened by July. Some have had to even say early July, in some quarters it is reported to have been said to be opened by July 12th. Sadly, there seem to be a worst attitude at given hope for the soon opening of these schools. The students who this have affected are left with no choice than a protest. Let it too be recorded that attempts to address the press and tender a request to Government for quick opening of the schools by the student Unions have received strong resistance from Government Authorities in Kaduna State. This suggests that these students have been pushed into Protesting by all the events.

At best, the University Management relocated these students to Kaduna that is already over populated with a promise of Free acomondation, sadly as the pix show below, the studenst in there hundreds are subjected to a miserable acomondation that should not be judged as befitting a 21st century Condemned Prisoners Cell(s). In time past a release came that suggested that students should return to school. But it seem it was only to make them register and return home to continue the unpleasant rest. Worst of all, many are left squatting while others sleep in classes and tidy up themselves in overcrowded friends rooms for the days lecture, students have slumped on several occasion due to frustration anstress as reported by Samuel Mock Kure. This situation exposes the students to a lot of ills as sexually related crimes among others not to mention the psychological and health rthreatsWith her wealth of knowledge and mastery of educational Psychology, Ethics and School administration and management, the Management team of Kaduna State University have not seen the need to advice the Kaduna State Executive and or employ the two other arms of government in Kaduna State into ensuring a quick opening of these schools. The Representatives of the people in the State house of Assembly have not seen the need to move the Executive arm into opening this school. The Governor of Kaduna Sate is indeed in charge, even the constitution and the holy book with which he took the oath of office with seem to be under him.

There is no indication that there is any threat of security to schools in southern Kaduna, the Kaduna State Governments act of allowing the Secondary and Primary schools that contain the must volnerable students mostly between the ages of 3-18 open is and affirmation that in fact there is no security threat to schools in southern Kaduna. If how there are threats to security in the closed schools, the Kaduna State Government have not proven that, again, these schools are just Three and there structures well coordinated, the presence of security men in these schools alone is enough to safe not only the schools but the communities where these schools are located.

But again, what is the Kaduna state Government telling the Terrorists, that they are powerful enough to stop school activities? Let us take for granted that Book Haram is threatening the state, so you closed schools for one full academic year, and by there name, “Weastern Education is a Taboo”, is the closing of school not doing the terrorists a favour? I bet you, by effect, the Kaduna State Government have been a tool to the success of the achievement of the aims of the Boko Haram sect by closing the schools if security issues would be the reason for the closure of schools and if Boko Haram were to be the threats. If Boko Haram Could record success as this in other northern states, where truly their only aim is an end to western education, I bet you they will just drop the gun and use the paper and cameras to maintain the threats and keep the schools closed for there would have been no success than that.

I invite the Management of Kaduna State University to see the fact that their press realese is a disappointment and speaks more ill and weakness about her. There is a department for political Science in the State University I suppose, if so, we should know that if students are pushed as pushed, if leaders become too autocratic and unpleasant, were leaders close doors of dialogue and understanding, where there is a gab withing the led and the leaders, Civic disobedience is bound to take place. When this happened, especially were youths are talked as party to, wisdom is to be employed and not might. Warning the students with threats of using the laws that have not so far been beneficial to them is not just uncalled for but unwise. It is a meeting with the leaders of these students that would have calm things and not a threat in a press release. This to the rest of us shows you are doing the beddings of a controller and not your will this is so because being a team of educational managers suggests you know the needful in times like this. Doing otherwise suggests your action is just an effect of a causal force beyond you. If so. You have failed educational management by this press release.

This also dirtys your sense of patriotism, for it suggest you have reasons to do whatever you are doing to protect your gains. Not the nations educational heritage, not even the states’ “Center of Learning” tag, patriots in plateau state are those doing all the needful to return to the state the “home of peace and tourism” tag, patriots in Kaduna state should be those working to maintain the tag of “center of learning” and not those who seem in support of policies and acts that seem supporting “Boko Haram” tag.

To the Kaduna State Government, we are a democratic state where number counts. If majority are saying open the schools, and where you have reasons to close schools but are called to open, where the call seem to cause more distractions, the wise thing is to seek the advice of all stakeholders, where stakeholders, even traditional leaders of these communities have come to beg for the opening of these schools, democracy will say follow the law, yes, satisfy the majority. Where you fail to satisfy the majority, thinking you are even using the laws to protected your unpleasant use of power, know this that the law is for the people a guide and not a jailer, also know that each law has a limit. A government without the majority in democracy is not a government of good will. Hence prove the court of public opinion that have judged you as with unhealthy intentions towards southern Kaduna wrong by opening this schools or addressing us clearly on why this schools should remain closed. Because the reasons given are just not worth the pains.

To human right activists and stakeholders in the matter. We must now put a strong resistance to injustice and abuse of powers. The professor says and I agree “injustice any where is injustice every where”. Where powers are used to cause misunderstanding, misunderstandings that cause confrontations, confrontations that cause a provocation to anger, provocation to anger that awakens the unhealthy notions of diversities, unhealthy notions of diversities that cause conflicts and conflicts that then cause displeasure and pain, such a use of power must be resisted at all expense lawful.

To the students of the Closed institutions, apply wisdom in demanding your right. In this case you are the grasses upon which two elephants are fighting, causing a challenge to the heavy elephant implies causing a heavy fall on you. In any case you are the recipients at the end. If this schools remain closed, it is you who will have to deal with the pains, if the schools are opened, it is you who will be pleased. However. You have the law, use whatever lawful means at your disposal to initiate dialogue and understanding if our leaders cannot do what wisdom calls them to we must prove to them we are ripe for leadership too by applying the wisdom of leadership.

Let the parties involved seek understanding. Ours is goodwill to the government and the state. Hence I call for wisdom and pariotism. Respect for the law and the pledge we constantly make to serve our fatherland with love and strength and faith, being faithful, loyal and honest in all our official duties and criticisms, even when we have to fight we must fight only with an intention to defend Nigeria’s love, honour and dignity. And So help us God.

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