There is no doubt that Kaduna state government led by Mallam Nasir Ahmed El-rufai have recorded some admirable development strides ranging from the defeat of cattle rustlers in Kamukeforest to the purchase of exotic cars which today are used as commercial cabs to ease the stress of transport around the state, even though that has little to do with the masses. Others includes: sanitization of the state civil service to ensure competent workforce to the job and extradition of ghost workers to create many more jobs opportunities for their youths(qualified graduate). And many more.

     Posterity will forever remember the 30th of June, 2016 which presented the launch of “Keep Kaduna Green project” driven by the need to battle and tackle environmental challenges. The project target the planting and establishment 3million tress across the state in a span of 3years and in addition to that 535 Kilometer of shelterbelt of cashew, Shea butter, palm, jatropha and other economic trees along the borders with Katsina, Zamfara, and Kano which are all state bounding Kaduna state to the north and this shelter belt stretches to Kubau, Ikara, Giwa and BirninGwari LGA all of which are local governmentin the northern political jurisdiction of the state. The ultimate goals of this project is to create jobs, beautify the neighborhood and check desertification. This is beautiful, as without any doubt this move will develop the fortunes of this regionBUT I DARE TO ASK….. What happens to the SOUTHERN part of the state? Nimbia forest and Kagoro forest in the past years have been much denuded by indiscriminate falling of trees for anthropogenic purpose (buildings and construction) as well as the poverty inflicted reasons of it use for fire woods as the populace cannot afford the price of kerosene and cooking gas today because the government has failed the franchise that brought them to power as minimum wage cannot afford a family a bag of rice because inflation has taken over the nation state economy. And today our people in Jema’ah LGA are bracing themselves for a similar fate to what we have in Niger delta after discovering that her beautiful forest of Dangoma is about to be raided in search of Nikel.

And my analogy on these development have presented to me that this development is one sided then I wish to ask the Kaduna State government with regional and religious driven decision to development the North and give the Southern part of the state a Lilliputian development, “will the people of Jema’a and Southern Kaduna fold their hands and watch the government invade our lands, degrade it in exploitation of nickel for the good of the state”? Or will it be another case of the Niger Delta where Indigenes will rise to demand that the dividends ofthe business done with their own mineral be used to develop the region first before considering the state at large? Are we going to choose violence and militancy or civil disobedience in getting our goal of achieving equity in development in the state? I pray we choose the later. You develop the North and ignore the South where you require 120,380 hectares of land to establish a grazing reserve for foreigners in our lands? What happens to the borders to the east? (Bauchi and Plateau) and the south (Abuja and Nasarawa)? Are there pythons and lions that makes there hostile for establishment of such juicy and economic shelter belts? Knowing fully well that as forester that the best trees to use in mitigating desertification are not palm trees, cashews, mangoes and oranges but Alder, Poplar, Willow, Scot Pines, Cuppress and jatropha.I thereby render my advice to the government to review their faulty plan in their developmental pattern to be all inclusive and equal else I pray that violence will not be the choice of my people in the long run but civil disobedience to get the freedom and equality that defines democracy…….Amen

By ANDREW Augustine Umaru



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