In the last four days,KDS chapter of PDP bandied three public announcements. The first two came from the state PRO and the third from the state chairman Mr.Felix Hassan Hyet. The three announcements conveyed the following:1) approval of elected ward excos by Wadata Plaza;2) convertion of existing excos to CTCs,3)withdrawal of approved ward excos by Wadata Plaza;and 4) public inauguration of ward CTCs.

We knew ab initio that:

Solomonic wisdom wasnt needed to comprehend that the so-called approval of ward excos and the order to inauguarate them cant stand because of multifaceted variables like;a court injunction,lockdowns in Abuja and Kaduna,and multiple grievances by members across the state. History vindicated us within 48hrs–the PRO’s withdrawal confirmed that–he even mentioned litigation as one of the factor for sinking the list.

Dry comedy:

The most absurd in the whole of these dramas and melodramas was the so-called public inauguration of wards CTCs by the state chairman Mr.Hyet.We Struggled to locate where such strange and novel procedure was outlined in the party’s constitution and the 1999 constitution to no avail. He must have imagined it in his dreams world and executed it in real life. Tragic,horrible,shallow mindedness and hyper demonstration of ignorance and desperation!

No hiding place:

A great heavyweight boxer Joe Louis once told his opponent that he can run but cant hide. The same applies to the present state,LG,and ward officials of PDP in Kaduna state and their godfather. Gone are the days that internal party affairs were executed whimsically and capricously. Lest they forget,political consciousness and participation are at the rooftop.Therefore,twisting and cutting corners to satisfy their inordinate desires will not find a fertile ground in the party anymore.

The way out:

The surest and safest way out of this self inflicted quagmire and quandary is following the party’s constitution,congress’ guidelines,and our 1999 constitution(as amended). Anything short of this will continue to face a massive and swift resistance from us.

We shall deploy legal and other means(diplomacy) to fiercely resist legandary internal party impunity that was responsible for its sacking from Sir Ibrahim Kashim House in 2015 and its inability to oust the current occupant in 2019 despite massive goodwill from the masses and unpopularity of their challenger.

Last word:

The desperation the state leadership of PDP is exhibiting is surprising. This is beyond the passion to serve. There are hidden agendas in all this. Sure there are. This is justifying horrific and sorrowful stories we heard after the 2019 polls. Too bad!

Hasta la victoria siempre.

John Danfulani

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