By Ejike Ejike, Abuja

Kaduna Restoration Group (KRG) has petitioned the Commissioner of Police, Kaduna State Command, Kaduna over intimidation of its members‎ by some unknown persons in the state.

In a letter signed by Yahaya Ibrahim Shinku and Muhammed Lawal Shehu(Molash) on behalf of the group, the group alleged that ‎on several occasions, members of the group have been attacked and threatened.

According to the petition sent to LEADERSHIP, “It is on the records available before your Command that in July, 2017 our members were attacked at the NUJ Centre, Muhammad Buhari Way, Kaduna while holding a press conference and in likewise manner sometimes in October, 2017, a member of ours was singled out for another attack at the Arewa House, Unguwar Sarki, Kaduna.

“This second attack which we believe was sponsored by the same suspects who were behind the first attack on our members, at this instance, a suspect was nabbed by the Police right at the scene of the crime and he made confessional statements, however to our chagrin till date, neither he nor his co-accomplices have been charged to court as would be expected.

“This singular act by your command of not bringing the suspect to book appears to have emboldened our traducers who seem to be above the law and of recent have intensified their various acts of criminal assault and intimidation, threats and other unprintable acts of coercion towards members of our group.

This has clearly manifested further by way of threats made publicly, two weeks ago at a popular eatery in Zaria by the personal assistant to the chief of staff Government House Kaduna to one of our members. Others have been in the form of anonymous phone calls by unidentified persons whom we are of the firm belief are acting in cahot with the earlier identified suspects.”

The group also noted that “we are not unwary of the spate of kidnappings and various acts of political thuggery which is fast becoming a common stanza in our state and most of which have till date largely remained unresolved.

“The grouse by the suspects and their sponsors against us has to do with our principled stand on issues that are of currency in the polity, particularly as it has to do with the policies and programmes of the state Government which we are firmly of the believe are anti-thetical to democratic norms and values.

The villains have in their vituperations, promised hard times for our members as they claim, all the paraphernalia of government both orthodox/unorthodox shall be deployed to muzzle and to coarse us to abandon our quest for the restoration of democratic ethos and ideals in our state.

They have amongst others, threatened to kidnap and even said much to the extent that the state government is in the process of filling fathom criminal charges of all sorts against some of our members with view to denigrating and humiliating them so as to dampen our resolve for good governance in the running of the affairs of our state.

“This may not be farfetched from the intolerant disposition of the administration to criticisms of its policies and programs no matter how genuine and patriotic such are. It is most unfortunate that those who were known to have deeply entrenched record for all sort of rabid and unprintable criticisms of other persons and governments when they were not in favor of those in power at one time or the other in the past are today, the ones demonstrating the worst form of tyrannical and imperial stance to criticism of their style of governance.”

The group urge “the police to discharge its constitutional responsibility which amongst other things are; to nib crime in the bud and have zero tolerance for all acts of criminalities and that which may pose threat to safety of any individual and or against public interest.

“That it is clearly known without any scintilla of doubt, that the masquerades behind all the numerous acts of criminalities, threats and intimidations to members of our group are embedded right in the hiatus of government in the state.

We therefore seek for the enforcement of our fundamental right of safety, freedom of expression and association as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, of which the police is one critical apparatus on whose shoulder it behooves’ to ensure same. Thus, the police is duty bound to assiduously investigate, arrest and prosecute whom so ever is behind the mask no matter, his or her position in government and or in the society.”

The Kaduna Restoration Group (KRG), is a collection of concerned citizens comprising bonafide members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and members of other political parties with like minds across the Local Government Areas of Kaduna State.

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