By: Luka Binniyat.

KUDAN: A huge crowd shutdown Kudan town, Kudan Local Government Area (LGA) of Kaduna state, for a few hours on Thursday, as former Reps Chairman, Appropriation Committee, Hon. Ahmed Isa Ashiru picked his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) card in his pursuit to seek for the party ticket to contest the 2019 Kaduna State gubernatorial race.

All roads leading in an out of the small town was choked by gridlock formed by vehicular and human traffic streaming to the Kudan Town hall where the card was handed over to him.

Ashiru, two-time member of Reps, two who dumped the All Progressive Congress (APC), early this month, addressed the crowd and said: “I am happy to be back home. I am happy to return to the home of my father – the PDP. I am happy that I sojourn for some times in the APC. At that small time that I stayed in that party, I learnt so much. It is a good thing that I was able to see what the APC is all about.

“We heard that aspirants have been coming here and they have been going round asking for your support. I want to say that is very ok. In fact, we want more to come. But, one thing that I am sure is that I have started this race, and I know where I am going to end with you all. We will all be at Kaduna State Government House in 2019, God with us,” he said as the throng cheered happily.

“I am very grateful to see you come out in such large numbers from nooks and crannies of Kudan and beyond. I wanted this event to be a small event of just party officials and a few members of my campaign secretariat. But, look at you in such a huge number here even though I have not even started my campaign,” he said in Hausa.

Earlier, former Nigerian Ambassador to South Korea, now the Director General, Ashiru Campaign Organisation, presented the aspirant to the excited crowd.

“I want to present to you a man who is prepared to return Kaduna state to its proper place; I want to present to you the man who will right wrongs of the past years as he picks his new PDP card for that task in 2019,” he said to the jubilant crowd.

Former Kaduna State PDP Chairman Alh. Yaro Makama, who had in 2014 left the PDP for APC, but returned to the APC early this year, said that, Ashiru was the only APC member who left the PDP but still supported the PDP financially and also kept his friendship with members of the party.

“I am very sure of where Ashiru is headed for. This is the place to be. The People of Kudan, you have made us proud. Your son has returned home. And you have thronged out even without notifying you,” he said.

Kaduna PDP Zone 1 Chairman, Alh. Tsoho Kargi, who represented Kaduna State Chairman of the PDP, Mr. Felix Hyatt, presented the PDP card to Ashiru. He said he was proud to do carry out the assignment adding that the governorship of Kaduna state would return to the PDP.

He said: “I am very proud to give out our party card to Hon. Isa Ashiru, the Sarkin Bai. His coming back to the PDP is not only a blessing to the PDP but a blessing to the entire Kaduna state. His return has assured me that the PDP will produce the governor of Kaduna state in 2019. I call on everyone who is still trapped in the other party to return to freedom, to justice and development,” he said.

Fielding questions to journalist later, Ashiru said, “I am really moved by the great number of people who came out. Honestly, we did not send out any invitation. But I am not surprised, because I have built a lot of goodwill over the years by the number of works I have done for the people of Kaduna state. I have no doubt that goodwill spreads across the state. What I want to say is that I want everybody to get his voter’s card. There is no way we can chase the present government out if we don’t have our voter’s card. The fact that the present government will be gone in 2019, is not contestable. We need our voters card,” he said.

Also at the event were: First Kaduna State PDP chairman, Alh. Ibrahim Yaro, Kaduna Zone 2 Chairman PDP and two-time Commissioner, Shehu Giant.
There were several former Kaduna House of Assembly (KDHA) members, including former KDHA Speaker, Hon. Mohammed Yaro Farakwai. There were also former Reps members, Kaduna state Commissioners, Businessman, Technocrats and retired military top guns among others.

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