By Dogara Caesar

In the words of Louis Farrakhan, “You cannot reform the devil… all the prophets tried and failed, you have to kill the devil”. In this case scenario; what more could a devil do than what has been done to the good people of Kada’ state.

Inciting violence, promoting bad behavior, denial of rights and much more in most cases led to uprising and unfortunate murder of innocent citizens and destruction of properties, therefore, allowing the people to live in continuous fear.

It all began when a new administration resumed to take charge of affairs, 29th May, 2015. They came in on a wave of hope and change, they were sworn in on strong institutions, also, were laws in place to maintain immense level of stability, not disputing the fact that there were few challenges already but well managed in the most reasonable ways possible… importantly for social, political and economic balance in terms of power play.

Four years past, the state of Kada has experienced severe plagues in harsh and unacceptable manners. It is undebatable to the fact that the government with a responsibility to protect the citizens is now undoubtedly the number one enemy of the people. How did this happen?

The head of the government of Kada state is no doubt a total failure… he has expressed himself over and over again as one who is dangerously biased, a fanatic with no capacity for any form of conflict resolution even as he does what he knows best (Inciting violence). The fact is, he’s got to have an extraordinary explanation for continuously and deliberately causing chaos by all means possible in ways such as encouraging hoodlums to go against political opponents, sponsoring thugs to generate crises and that which caught the eyes of the world was an appearance on national television to proudly claim the responsibility for the payment of several billions of tax payer’s money to some militia at the time of crises in a terrorized area of the state.

The most recent trends are the unfortunate comments made and designed to incite violence in the buildup to the 2019 general elections {Body bags threats and faking the death of 66 people}. Under his administration, propaganda and staged up news has always been an essential weapon in his arsenals especially when he fails to have his way by the ethnic/religious cards as usual. This becomes so unappealing to the people and particularly, the marginalized and oppressed in Kada state. For the so called ‘leader’, who cares less to give attention to principles of cause and effects with respect to ethno-religious settings that’s been in place over time, the challenges, and also, considering the timing of events. “The Kada head of government is the founder, peddler and merchant of fake news in Nigeria” (Danjuma Sarki, 16th Feb 2019).

While they are making dangerous political decisions that is catastrophic to the people, the populace is totally committed towards collectively solving ‘problems’ irrespective of religious believes, ethnicity or political affiliation caused by desperate men calling for a bloodbath only to escape judgement day on the ballot. Good news is, the people are united and can’t be manipulated against themselves –He came up with the Muslim/Muslim ticket to try evolve the biased approach, a concept none of his predecessors had the political will’ mainly because of its effects to cordial relationship between the factors as well as peaceful coexistence.

The people, of course will not resort to violence despite the fact that the devil is moving all around trying to kick start a war. This concept is to apply the ideals to practical, political situations… While they come to steal and destroy a great nation by hate speeches, tyranny, training and paying militias to kill, they will always fail for as long as the people understands the common enemy and his tactics.

Now is a time that neither can they kill nor enslave the people because it is clearer even to the blind that the commander in chief of Kada state has an agenda, which is simply to destroy the progress made on peace, security, unity and governance in the past years by previous administrations.

As Zbigniew Brzezinski (former US National Security Adviser) once said, “In earlier times, it was literally easier to control a million people than to physically kill a million people… today, it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people”. The message is simple, the devil can’t control the fate of millions when they’ve all decided on one common goal… no matter how hard the scheme is planned to destroy the good that can come to the people with proper governance, they are losing or they will lose, they have set up a trap and are getting caught in their own trap. Kada people are waking up and the world is indeed watching the rise of a revolution that will kill the enemy by kicking them out. it is a revolution that is all too real.


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