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Culture according to Dr. Yusuf Maitama Sule,the Danmasanin Kano refers to “…the manners and mannerisms,philosophy and ideology of a people…it is the way of life of a people…” From the definition above,it is instructive to note that no nation thrives without its unique culture and tradition. It is for a nation what blood is to the human person and what water is to the fish. It is the oasis of a people’s being,an affirmation of their “whatness”,the “kpim” of who people are.
Kabasga is one of the rich cultural heritages of the Kaguu (Kahugu) nation. This nation is located in Lere West of Kaduna state. A tribe popularly referred to as the “K” nation,reason being that all its settlements start with the letter “K”; for example,Kajjina (Fadan-Kahugu),Kuboro,Kuduru,Kawere,Karimbu,Kudigi etc.
This cultural heritage is traceable to the social interraction between a Kaguu nation and their neighbours in the western axis of Piriga (Kaguu land) in the ancient era particularly the Rumaya nation with whom they share a boundry at the popular “Rifin Yashi” or rafin gora area. During “Khushemeh”-naming ceremony,their neighnours would cross over to Piriga nation and attend it,when it was time for any of the social gatherings of their neighbours-Rumaya,they too would cross over,commune,dine,wine and merry together. Again during the jihad in 1804,no Kaguu man was captured as a slave,some Kaguu warriors captured their neighbour and thought he was a jihadist,quickly,others spotted them and recognized him. They told the captors he was their good neighbour and brother too. He was spared and the relationship was made stronger.
In order to sement this telatiobship officially,Kabasga was birthed out of the incident. Essentially however,Kabasga is the affirmation of good neighbourliness,brotherhood and a veritable avenue for social intercourse,it is an indication that the two nations share a b

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