Kogi Renaissance Group, a social political group‎ has appealed to the DSS to return all the discovered funds in the home of a Supreme Court Judge, justice Sylvester Ngwunta both in naira and hard currencies to the confers of Kogi government as the funds are proceeds from controversial judgement for cash delivered in respect of Kogi political crises delivered by the supreme court panel of justices headed by the Judge on September 20th 2016.

In a 5 page memorandum done by the Protem chairman of the group along with the ‎image maker, Abdul Nuhu and released to newsmen, the group further advised that the National Judicial commission to immediately commence investigation into the drama surrounding the contradictory victory and judgement delivered by the three levels of the courts and its judges which affirmed Bello as duly elected governor of Kogi state.
According to Nuhu, even though the issue cannot be reversed based on the sensibilities of law, the affected Judges need to be reprimanded for subjecting the constitutional practices and the well being of the people ‎at the alter of self enrichment and aggrandizement.
The group expressed deep and unreserved disappointment ‎in the current top echelon of the judiciary, including the office of the CJN of Nigeria urging the government to reconstitute the NJC and purge the judiciary of the entire bad eggs that has given it a battered image, saying the idea of the country’s CJN heading NJC is counter productive.
The group suggested the reconstitution of the body to ensure it delivers quality decisions and sanctions on erring judges, particularly on the issue of Kogi election that was compromised on the alter of avarice and exchange of cash made available by the state government running into billions of naira of tax payers money.
It condemned in its entirety the activities of majority of the Nigeria judicial officer who engaged themselves in shady deals in connivance with politicians who are desperate to cling to power at all cost particularly the Kogi election scenario.
Nuhu insisted on the review of the Supreme Court judgement and the compulsory retirement of the CJN and the entire Supreme Court Justices for throwing to the dustbin the legal provision guiding the election into the office of the governor in the case of Kogi and many others.
He urged the determining body not to sweep this issue under the carpet but to unravel once and for all misdeeds been perpetrated by judges of the specialized courts as it is not unaware of intensive lobbying and inducement in the judiciary whenever cases classified as “lucrative” like that of Kogi comes on board.
“From the Federal High Courts, Appeal Courts and the Supreme Court, the system is so rotten and stinking beyond human ‎imagination, urging the bar to see to the end of this misdemeanor going on in the bench of the temple of justice”.
He said the supreme court judgement have thrown ‎the entire Kogites into a very precarious situation, height of maladministration and rash decision along with wanton pilfering of meager state funds as well as subjected innocent citizens into untold hardship in the next three years, saying it is tantamount to murder.
The group urged the international communities, civil society groups and other pressure groups to rally round Kogi state to ensure the funds recovered from the ‎home of justice Ngwunta were returned to Kogi government confers and the need to press home the probe of individual accounts of judges in Nigeria.
By Usman Okai Austin

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