Not every journalist begins his career with an entrée in the nature of a bang. Journalistic careers, particularly broadcasting tend to take a long, and windy route of much obscurity, trial and error and then, slowly, and accidentally, the career takes an upswing and the journalist is made and born. Exceptions to this rule are rare. Jotham Ayuba who turns a year older today qualify as one of such exceptions. It is no exaggeration that I call him the chosen one . Journalism choose him; he didn’t choose journalism. And just like the biblical Jotham he started out very early in this sphere of endeavour. Ayuba’s anointing in the newsroom could be likened to what William Shakespeare in his book: “King Richard II,” wrote about the monarch that: “All the waters in the rude rough seas could not wash off the anointing balm on his head.”
American poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, did not refer to Jotham Ayuba when he stated that “the heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept , were toiling upward in the night.” However, his words aptly capture the life of a man, who has crisscrossed the length and breadth of Nigeria, talking on airwaves . Jotham started his journalistic sojourn with KSMC’ Capital Sounds FM then shot to national limelight at FRCN’ Supreme FM. After some working stints with public owned media establishments he thereafter set out to offer his wealth of experience at a time private stations were striving to crave a niche in the industry. Thus Jotham stood out as a pioneer staff of RayPower FM, Vision and Kiss FM where he was stationed in Abuja. Then he joogled in between Nigeria Info, Cool FM and Wazobia which are all owned by Aim Communication Group. And most recently he again pioneered the establishment Invicta FM Kaduna where he doubled as director of Programmes/News and Current affairs. Ayuba left the stage when the ovation was loudest for his private media practice. As he is currently CEO of Pace Konsult, a firm which handles; media projects, value re-orientation and human resource development.

Unlike fief broadcasters, who think more about the security of their seat than sanctity of truth. Ayuba has demonstrated more often than not that it is the moral calling of a journalist to speak for the downtrodden. Here is talking about a journalist who knows his onions as far as media objectivity is concerned. Little wonder his knack for fairness, disinterestedness , factuality , and nonpartisanship. Jotham certainly is an embodiment of these qualities. Over the years in his broadcasting stunts, he has interviewed prominent personalities like, former military head of state, Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar, Emir Sanusi Muhammad II and in the entertainment realm, the likes of Craig David, Tuface Idibia, Kendrick Lamar comes to mind. This radio personality also featured in a movie titled; “Redemption” produced by renowned movie guru, Kunle Afolayan. Smylz as he is popularly known on radio, has trained a lot of A-list OAPs to his credit. Some of the finest radio personalities includes: Philip Omachi, J-Candy, Swat Duniya of Nigeria Info, Kassie9, Bricks of Joy Fm Ghana, Annie of African Magic channel, Benson Suleiman and Smart P of Star radio in South Africa.

As I have said elsewhere, birthdays are times to reflect on our lives. Thus in reflecting about quintessential Jotham I realise how much my life has changed since the first time I met him at the Pan African Youth Submit, School of Media and ICT . He first ignited a feeling of solidarity for my Southern Kaduna ancestry and seems to believe that the media should be the conduct of public affairs to advance the case of the marginalized. Happy birthday to Mr. Jotham Ayuba, you were born to spray a dash of vibrant colours on the canvas of the newsroom….And you are doing just that. This is wishing you the age of methusalah with the wisdom of Solomon.

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