Rev. Jolly Davoro Nyame (Dabang Yorro) was born on 25th December, 1955 in Zing Local Government Area of present-day Taraba State. He is married to Priscilla J. T. Nyame. He is also a founding member of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Nyame was the governor of Taraba State from January 1992 to November 1993 under the platform of then Social Democratic Party (SDP) thus the government truncated by the then military Head of State Gen. Ibrahim Badami Babagida.

But with the return of democracy in 1999 Danbang Yorro was one of the founding fathers of the PDP in Taraba State who secured the ticket of his party the People’s Democratic Party to vie for the office of the executive governor of Taraba State where he won and was sworn in as the First Executive Governor from 29th May, 1999 to 2003 and was re-elected for another term in office.

Since his exit from office as the Executive governor in 2007, Jolly has continued to enjoy goodwill based on the political structures he built across the state which has been a political ladder for many to actualizing their aspirations.

Dabang Yorro has indeed nurtured and cultured politicians across Taraba State as well as mentored their political survival against all odds.

During his regime as the governor, he incorporated youths mostly into his government as this can be seen in the likes of Hon. Baido Danladi Tijos now member house of representatives representing his constituency who was then the commissioner of Local government and Chieftancy Affairs where Nyame anointed Baido as his successor but for some circumstances he was dropped for Late Pharm. Danbaba Suntai.

He also brought to light notable young men under his watch through the Nyame Jolly Political organization, Alhaji Sani Abubakar former Acting governor and host of others are all beneficiaries of Jolly political organization which is saddled with the responsibility of nurturing political like minds with same ideology for the betterment of Tarabans.

The political bridge Jolly built has aid many in their quests to fulfilling their political desires and yearning owing to his passion and love for a greater tomorrow which is now yielding result.

He’s one person that has never been selfish and self centered in government and governance as this is evidence in the structures built by him across the state.

Nyame is one governor Taraba State will not forget in a hurry, owing to his laudable and human face projects that cut across the state, example of which is the Jolly Nyame Staduim, Taraba State Specialist Hospital and many others. Lest I forget, being the first democratically elected governor he has laid a concrete foundation for his successors.

The clergy turn politician has built human capacity across the state and as well as empowered many to attain the helm of affairs of this Nation, as a result, he has paid his due.

Dabang Yorro for senate:

Jolly would have manoeuvre his way to the Senate when his tenure ended as others governor did but being a man who does not want it all to himself supported the candidature of Dr. Anthony Manzo for the seat of the Senate to pave way for a central zone of the state to produce the next governor which eventually saw Pharm. Danbaba Suntai emergence as the governor.

The love and the zeal Nyame have for his constituents led to a call by his constituency to represent them in the senate in 2011, a move that never saw the light of the day due to sentimental betrayal and Sen. Aisha Jummai Alhassan eventually won the election.

The legend has again indicated interest to contest for the seat of the Northern senatorial district in the senate come 2019, a decision longed prayed for and prayer awaiting answer if all the electorates in Jalingo, Yorro, Lau, Zing, Karim and Ardo Kola need a better representation then the messiah as indeed come for the rescue.

It’s now time for all benefactors and beneficiaries of Nyame’s goodwill within his party the PDP and its officials to close rank in order to see this project “Nyame4senate” becomes a reality.

The reality of this project lays with the electorates who Nyame has served faithfully during his tenure as the executive governor.

A man who has not hold to himself but has given all to the benefit of the state should as well be honour for a “friend in need is a friend indeed” honour comes with service and is a task Jolly Nyame will undertake owing to his experience as a former executive governor.

A man who has devoted his strength to defer against all odd for the development of the state. Sending Nyame to the Senate will be a good omen that will draw federal presence for infrastructures.

His experiences as a former executive governor has positioned him at advantage for the legislative business where viable bills in consultation with his constituency will be sponsored.

Rev. Jolly Nyame “Dabang Yorro” is the man for senate come 2019, I urge all Northern senatorial constituency to think Nyame and Vote Nyame!

Mariam Markus writes from Zing

God bless my Constituency!

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  1. My PVC is eagerly waiting for the day of the election to send Dabang Yorro Rev Jolly T Nyame to the Senate come 2019.

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