Penultimate weeks,the state caucus of our promising party met and resolved as follows:

1.The former zoning arrangement of party positions between the three zones(North,Central,and South) in the state should subsist.

2.That the positions of the state Chairman,Secretary, and Deputy Chairman must not be micro zone to any LGA within the senatorial district that they were zoned to.

3.That members from each zone should go organise zonal caucuses and brief members of the resolutions of the highest law manking body in the state(state caucus).

Politics of Misinformation:

On Monday 17th February 2020 the state Chairman in cahoot with some zonal party officials called a “zonal caucus” meeting to brief members of decisions reached at that state caucus on the upcoming party congresses.

Instead of conveying resolutions of the state caucus—accurately,they engaged on antics of conscious misinformation. For the sole purpose of closing the field against aspirants to their positions. The state party chairman got it easy because other party officials were bamboozled to believing that they will also benefit from the crookish elimination strategy he invented.

That deliberate misinformation led to a so-called micro zoning of the office of the Chairman to Kachia LGA against the express directive of the state caucus.

Just look at this:

When the agenda was tabled,it was expected that the Chairman—who was in Kaduna caucus meeting(and the highest ranking party officer) will tell forum that they have crossed the lines. He muted. And even participated in advancing reasons the chairmanship position should be macro zone his LGA, Kachia.

Another Level:

Curiously, the state chairman is from Kachia. So,special wisdom isnt needed to know that, he pulled the strings from behind because that will automatically eliminate aspirants from other LGAs. A very crude and anachronistic mechanism entrenched in PDP since they mounted the saddle.

Constitutional Requirements:

Pages 31-33 of the PDP constitution(2017 version) stipulated who is a member and quorum of a zonal caucus. A rough estimate shows that,they are almost 300 people.

Ironically, the Monday meeting that procrated the illegal micro zoning and rising a thick cloud of confusion didnt meet with the mandatory quorum requirement enunciated in the constitution.

Understand this:

We are not receptive to the desire of the state chairman and most of his teammates to return. But we believe that they have the right to seek for renewal of their mandates.

What we are outrightly against is,their strategy of eliminating others that wish to contest for positions they are currently occupying. If they have done remarkably well,and sincere to their mandates; why are they afraid of free and fair contests?

Historical lessons:

We saw how refusal to obey guidelines of internal processes led to losing of entire Zamfara state by APC. And inability to file candidates in Rivers state. Incidences cited were a result of subversion of party rules and constitution of the nation.

Their action(s), so far,has shown that they are deliberately refusing to learn the immotal lessons of history.Not nice.

If they think people arent going to head to courts to enforce their rights or force them to play by the rules, they are terrible dreamers.

Living democrats within the PDP political family will fight in all fronts to make sure that the right thing is done . We will follow all legal avenues to see that they respect laws of the party and the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Hasta la victoria simepre (Until victory, always)

John Danfulani
Awon Ward
Kachia LGA
Kaduna State

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