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Moments of silence are period of contemplation, prayers, reflection, meditation and a gesture of respect, particularly in mourning for those who have died, observing a minute silence for Kaduna state government might sound strange and usual, but then those who are in tune with the current realities and the self-styled dictatorial leadership of the current government, will be quick to agree that the state is slowly but steadily drifting to its place of final internment, Gov. El-rufia is simply killing governance in Kaduna state.

When the destinies of the people is left in the hands of a dead-hearted and spiritless kings, they don’t feel moved even when they know that their actions and inactions will bring about unwarranted lost of lives in the society. This dead-hearted kings, mostly egocentric in nature, bares no grief in mind when mortal like them fall, they are the Cain’s of this world, who will waste no time in spilling the blood of Abel, whose sacrifice was more pleasing and acceptable in the sight of the Maker, to many this kings are fearless, courageous and receptive to new ideas and innovations, but woe to those kings who will at the altar of seeking for modernity and invisible development, take actions that will lead to the untimely death of their people.
The situation in Kaduna state calls for deep concern, it is one mystery that is left to be unravelled, never was there any section, in the social contract that the good people of Kaduna state signed with the current leadership of the state, which states that they will forfeit their jobs on the premise of making the state great again. Hardly will a month go by without you hearing, what may at the initial sound as some sort of joke or mare rumour, on the government plans to terminate or sack some set of workforce within the state, which will in no distant time turns out to be the truth. The state government in its paradoxical nature keep dishing out unsubstantiated and unjustifiable reasons to back up their malevolent and evil acts of mass retrenchment.

If they were good policy and decision makers, they would have properly analyzed the consequences and the threat of their actions first, before embarking on it, they would have swallowed the big apple of pride hanging on their throats and borrow handouts from Lagos state government on how they were able to restructure the state civil service structure and downsized their over bloated staff strength and is still prospering economically, having the highest internally generated revenue and also contributing about 49% to the nation revenue generated via VAT. Wisdom is indeed priceless, while the former prospered through the divine application of the principles of wisdom, the latter has chosen the path of ego and pride which will certainly lead it to a destructible end.

Whatever the plans of Kaduna state government is, the man at the helm of affair, Nasir Ahmed El-rufia represent the best and worst of Nigerian policy implementer, he is exhibiting the qualities of a lacklustre student of Policy Analysis in Governance, W.W Rostow an international scholar in the field of development studies, had argued that the economies of all states can be placed within one of five different stages of economic growth, this stages include; Traditional society, Preconditions for takeoff, Takeoff, Drive to maturity, and Age of high mass consumption, which must be followed in a chronological manner to arrive at the peak of development, it will be disastrous and destructive for a state which is in stage two to jump to stage five, discarding stage three and four, i don’t know the stage where Kaduna state is presently, but certainly it is very obvious that the governor is bent on doing it his own way and discarding the order that things like this must follow.

With the ongoing termination and dismissal of thousands of local government staff in Kaduna state, Gov. El-rufai has indeed proved himself to be the real accidental public servant, which he named his book, with his unending anti-people policies, the people of Kaduna are only left with no option but to wake up every day to mourn and grief over this spiritless leaders, this dismissed staff who have many benefactors under them should continue to observe a minute silent and mourn over the disaster that has befell on us, they should while mourning prepare to chase out this accidental servant in the 2019 polls. If this is the best way he intends to make Kaduna State Great Again, let this means, justify his political voyage in the years to come.

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