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What many may tag as the bandwagon effect of Chief Olusegun Obsanjo’s letter is already taking effect in the polity of Nigeria, the Minna-hilltop Former military Head of State Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, thou filled with so many inexactitude on the certainty and genuineness of the press-statement of Gen. IBB, the controversies here is that two statements reflecting different opinion were credited to the former military leader, which were both issued within hours. Whatever, the case may be therein, IBB has been identified to be a strong believer and apostle of Machiavellian political school of thought, the Machiavellian hypothesis of the Fox and Lion approach can be likened to scenario of IBB’s press-statement of the current leadership, “…the fox and the lion; because the lion does not defend itself from snares and the fox does not defend itself from the wolves. So no one needs to be a fox to recognize snares and a lion to frighten the wolves”. To this end, it is left for the prince to heed or discard the counsel of IBB.

However, like Obasanjo’s letter, the statement of IBB contains the same trilateral qualities of PATRIOTISM, WISDOM and ADMONITION, which remains the hallmark of their letters to President Buhari. In his statement IBB urged president Buhari to complete his first term and allow a new generation of leaders to take control of the affairs of the nation: “In the fullness of our present realities we need to cooperate with President Buhari to complete his term of office on May 29th, 2019 and collectively prepare the way for new generation leaders to assume the mantle of leadership of the country”, he went further by saying that “I do not intend to deny President Buhari his inalienable right to vote and be voted for, but there comes a time in the life of a nation, when personal ambition should not override national interest”.

It is on this premise, that we remember the words of Pope John Paul II, in his homily at Bosston, USA, where he said ‘Do not be afraid of honest effort and honest work; do not be afraid of the truth’, the truth here is that the Horse-rider of our current political dispensation has lost touch with the current realities of our nation, the myriads of challenges are not seen to be reducing, rather on every passing day there is an escalation of new challenge which has been depleting the strength and promises of the current APC government, which is seen to be drifting Nigerians to the threshold of hopelessness. The widening gap of the Have’s and Have-not keep increasing, the economy bites harder and the daily bloodletting of innocent Nigerians seems to be an unending scenario, the register of jobless youth is been filled every day, the pillage of our national resources still continues within the saintly leadership of President Buhari and yet, all the people accused of corruption are moving about freely in the society enjoying their loot both within and without, because the court process has not caught up with them, and they will continue to manipulate the court process by all means thanks to the immunity the APC party card has offered to them.

The nation has never been political charged as it is today, may I warn by saying that if the yarning, aspirations and desires of the ordinary Nigerians are not met, we may indeed be heading to the turbulent days, that we have long-hated to imagine. President Buhari should use the year ahead to administer quick painkillers to Nigerians for a quick amelioration of our pains before 2019, failure to do so, the presidency and their cronies should dust up their mailbox and anticipate more letters, as it is many are putting pen to paper to air their views and grievances against the current leadership. We need two things Change or a Revolution to move Nigeria forward, I’m not talking about the pyrrhic or witch-hunting Change as conceived by the ruling party, I’m talking about a new Change one that is based on true ideology, values and patriotism.

May I end by saying, that next time Gen. IBB should be bold enough to stand by his word, thought and ideas, Nigerians have had good enough drama to content with, not his new boring letter-writing episode, it is obvious, that Gen. IBB needs more prayers from Nigerians, than Nigerians need his contradictory press-statements.

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