INVITATION TO – Kaduna Enterprise Conference 2019

We want to invite you specially to the first edition of Kaduna Enterprise Conference 2019.

The conference is annual event that is specifically design to boost small businesses ideas from incubation to fruition, activate unlimited opportunities to youths with good business ideas to kick start, turn passion into job creation, raise entrepreneurs from zero to hero in Kaduna State.

What is your idea or passion for? Don’t let it die. Don’t proscastinate, we are here to help. Attending this conference will make sense and catapult dreams to come true.

At the heart of this conference is the cracking down of unemployment code to attendees for leveraging.

At the end of this conference, attendees would have been lifted out of joblessness and poverty throughout 2019 forward. Please don’t miss this once in a year opportunities for any reason.

The conference will provide attendees with do – able answers, techniques and perequisite skills to navigate the harsh economic atmosphere in Nigeria for startups and small businesses into success. Please do all you can to be part of this.

According to National Bureau of Statistic last quarter report of 2018; over 20.9 million agile youths in Nigeria are unemployed and jobless. And the number is increasing day in day out.

Join us on 15th January 2019 for a crack down. Something is about to happen! As we bridge unemployment gaps, create job opportunities for ourselves, by ourselves. Come with a mindset. Kaduna Enterprise Conference 2019 will be a new experience.

Do you have a smart phone? Do you know you can make up to 10k or more in day with your phone? This conference will show you how. Register now.

Five lucky attendees will be selected for mentorship under us, where we will work together with selected attendees from zero to success. You could be one of the lucky selected attendees if you register now.

The training is scheduled for 15th January 2019, by 9am -3pm @ National Library Hall, Bida Road, Kaduna.

The conference is for those who want to start something new and or those with existing small businesses that want to blow in 2019 forward. Only 50 attendees are required for this event. And attendant is strictly on first-to-booked-first-to-serve-with-seat basis. And seats are getting filled up. Please register now.

Areas to cover
•Photography •Music • Football •Estate Agency •Publishing •Comedy •Movies•Fashion •Education •Agriculture •Entertainment •Sales and Marketing •Transportation •Tourism •Food •Consultancy etc

BENEFITS OF PARTICIPATION (Kaduna Enterprise Incubation 2019)

▪Assistance to finance

▪ Access to mentorship network

▪ Technical and administrative support

▪ Business logistic support

▪ Office Space

▪ Promotion of attendees business online

▪Access to internet facilities

▪ Other potential resources geared at helping participants grow and succeed.

Registration is N3,500 at Venue.

Early Registrstion-  N2,500  per attendee as registration fee; that registers before 10th January 2019 and make payment online. You are strongly encouraged to register early before the seat get filled. Only 50 attendees are required.

To register and book your seat, pay into

Account Name – Kode Advertising

Account Number – 0872538011


After payment, text or whatsaap your name to 08036 4645 25 now to reserve a seat. And please fill the registration form below –

It’s Kaduna Enterprise Conference 2019, don’t be left behind.

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