By Richard Dambo

For over a week now, since the news came in about the impeachment of Nasiru Jagaba as the National Coordinator of Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPU). The cyberspace particularly Southern Kaduna interactive groups has been awash with the Jagaba cul de sac. Quite sadly, we are travelling up the slippery road of building personality “cults” and the debates for and against the impeachment has begun. Jagaba’s personality remains larger than life- his tentacles are many and he has a satisfactory balance between a public and private life. Although it will be preposterous comparing apples with mangoes, I choose not to dwell on the personality of Jagaba or the EXCOs who orchestrated the impeachment. Unlike many internet apologists with a knack for argumentum ad hominem (attacking the person and leaving the issue) . Can we now look at this issue and what it says of the SK people. In a trilogy:

1. The hall of SK struggles is populated with so many “Judases” . And based on the existing status quo, our dear “Comrades” in SOKAPU Youth Wing are merely on a charade not out of conviction for the plight of SK.

2. We have become adept to investing churn time in vilifying one political party against another. Our arguments are always factored on either the APC and PDP two way traffic. Unfortunately all our politicking does not transcend rallying over briefcase politicians and punctuating everywhere with sing songs of marginalisation whereas in secret, the tone and tenor of lamentation is geared towards personal gains.

3. Every now and then, we hold town hall meetings and readout well articulated communiqués which does not go beyond the spirit of letters. We obviously have not learn to galvanize ourselves.

Let’s recall the foregoing lest anybody – especially members of SK’s vast community of conscience such as, activists, civil society leaders, intellectuals, who have been largely silent – to be able to claim that they did not know that the SOKAPU Young Wing especially in the context of the current face-off, is signifying our condition, our choices and future direction. Ahead of the 2019 elections, we must mend fences and come out with a lone voice, or else all scheming to oust the Kaduna Mafian will be tantamount to looking for the proverbial dark cat in the dark room.

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