Gentlemen and Ladies of the Press, party faithfuls and supporters alike. It has come to our notice that some unscrupulous elements are working round the clock to usurp the mandate of the people of Chikun Local Government Area by all undemocratic means. For the benefit of those who are not in the know let’s get the records straight.

You may recall that elections for Local Government Councils were held on the 12th May,2018 and that of Chikun Local Government Area was wrongly declared inconclusive consequently leading to a rerun elections scheduled for 6th June,2018. It is in the public know that the ruling All Progressive Congress in their unwholesome attempt to impose on the people of Chikun Local Government their unpopular candidate, orchestrated an undemocratic plan that was vehemently rejected by the people.

These undemocratic elements went further to announce elections results in favor of the APC despite the resistance they faced. Although their desperate moves was further quenched by the Kaduna State Independent Electoral Commission who declared that their kangaroo results announcements was a lie and total bridge of the Electoral laws.

We are still surprise that right up to this time the Nigerian Police, the Department of State Security and other law enforcement agencies have not brought the perpetrators of these despicable acts to justice.
The PDP have since gone to court to seek redress as all indicators shows that their candidate Honorable Salasi Nuhu Musa clearly won the 12th May elections.

Our concern now is the News that the Rulling APC and the Governor of Kaduna State after appointing an illegal Interim Government to Lord over an elected council, and now perfecting there ways to bring in their Candidate in the elections Adamu Adalo Maikai as the Chairman through the back door. We wonder why the same people who claim to be Democrats are bent on ursuping the mandate of the people by all means.

The public should know that the recent swearing in of eight (8) councillors validates the May 12 elections and further buttress the fact that the APC lacks the required popularity to pilot the affairs of Chikun Local Government.
We are very much aware of this move and unfortunately for them the people of Chikun Local Government are more informed than they thought.

Hence, we call on the All Progressive Congress to be Democratic. And in the interest of Peace and tranquility in Chikun and Kaduna state at Large restrain from any moves that will plunge our Local Government into pandemonium.

Thank you.

Concerned Kaduna Citizens for Good Governance


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