I have to raise this alarm for the benefits of those Igala sons and daughters who have distinguished themselves in heroic and heroine deeds for their fatherland. Their good works speak for them already, but I am still under pressure to mention names. ALHAJI JIBRIN ISAH ECHOCHO  has shown himself to be a philanthropist in the real sense of the word. While it lasted at Afribank, he was instrumental in the employment of thousands of Kogi graduates. Interestingly, he wasn’t a politician this time. In a similar vein, HAJIA SALAMATU BAIWA  bore Kogites in her heart with love beyond all tellings. She has demonstrated this by helping thousands of unemployed Kogi youths earn a living in Federal ministries and parastatals. Trust me, she has never been a politician. VICE ADMIRAL USMAN JIBRIN  Rtd too would ever be remembered by history for the existence of the Naval Base in Lokoja and Idah. How about the Naval College he also brought to Okura? All during his tenure as CONS, Professor Seidu Ogah has employed some youths into his office and this magnanimity was done without holding elective office.
There are many other Igala sons and daughters that have affected lives in Igala land and Kogi State in general outside politics and you can help me mention their names if you remember please. Interestingly enough, these Igala elites are all professionals in their various fields. A lot are still in active service (both public and private sectors). Although some have retired but still not tired in private businesses. I can assure you that they are all doing very well outside politics.

However, i noticed of late that the political impostors and charlatans have commenced their old tricks and scheming around these our beloved brothers and sisters to distract them from their trades. Some of these political jobbers move around promising these our doing-well sons/daughters that they could make them  the next Governor, Senator and House of Rep. members.

The irony of the fact is that; only one person can be governor at a time. But the political jobbers have moved around more than 20 Igala sons/daughters already with the promise of that singular position. Of course, the same applies to the senatorial slot. It is constitutionally impossible to produce more than one senator.
And for the 3 seats available for House of Reps, the Bassa too are entitled to one. Thus, the likely available positions are only five or four and half. The implication is that, everybody cannot be Governor, senator or Rep. members at a time. And it would not be prudent for any Igala elite to allow himself/herself to be deceived from the current lucrative office, profession and trade for an elusive electoral post. That would be too bad for majority of our people that have become dependants of these elites.

My anger is that, these political jobbers wooing our elites have lost relevance among the people.
Presently, they have only nuisance value among the Igala people and can best be described as political spent horses. In the past, they were self imposed godfathers, political deciders whose duties were to deceive and mislead top notch personalities of igala race into furtile political contests.

Please, let these Igala sons/daughters be wary of these political charlatans, their time has come again. And they are moving from cities to cities luring and wooing our unsuspecting sons and daughters that are doing great in their professions, businesses and trades to come home and contest for  an election they have no iota of influence on the people.
I hope these our Heroes and Heroines listen to me and keep these political jobbers at arms length. They are quite cunning and deceitful, they speak eloquently but with sugar coated lips. They are abreast with political discussions and arm chair analysis. But i can assure you, they are totally disconnected from political realities and farthest from the grassroot situation.

The truth is, the earlier we realized we all can’t win election, the better. If you are doing well in your trade, please stay put. You mustn’t be a politician to contribute your quota to the development of Kogi State and Igala land. Alhaji Echocho, Hajia Bewa, Admiral Jibrin Usman etc. were all not politicians when they carried out the philanthropic and altruistic jobs for their people.
The Next election is always closer than the last one. And I think I have warned the Igala Heroes and Heroines enough. You can imagine what would happen if all the doing-well Igala personalities resign their various occupations, businesses and carriers for politics and at the end only one scales through. Certainly, bitterness, rancour and vindictiveness would set in. And the aftermath would be further disunity and infighting among us.
My message to our elites is simple, look before you leap, examine the antecedents of these so-called wise men promising you the Governorship, Senatorial or House of Representatives slots. They have nothing to lose but you have everything to lose. Our people are becoming politically civilized.
there is so much awareness now,  those most influential figures of yesterday are no more so today. Wise up and don’t let your pocket fall victim of the so-called political wise men.

Let us stay strong and support a single candidate that has been nominated for any post.

May God restore the glory of land. Ameen. Compliments of the season to you all.


By Austin Okai Usman

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