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I refused to agree to the insinuation that Saraki was another Chief Samuel Taiwo Orendein. Besides, Chief Orendein’s limited exposure then could have left him naked as a fall guy for northern conspiracy theorists who may have contracted Felix Dumah to stage the him up for easy pick. Being a co-founder of the Action Group alone, has put him in the direct line of fire of the then Northern oligarchy, who had to contend with AG’s egalitarian posture that was a portent threat to northern much treasured primacy.

The fact that the author was miserly with the chief’s appeal on treasonable felony trial and the Aberenla trial, exposes his biases and shows who the story was written to appeal to and to appease – northern supremacists. An attack on the personality and credibility of a key AG member as the Chief is a major blow on the personality and credibility of Chief Obafemi Awolowo himself. It was a fatal attack on what Awolowo and the AG stood for, thus a major ideological victory for the Fulani supremacists with the lingering presence of a Fulani titan like Murtala Ramat Mohammed in the army and power behind the Gowon government.

You can never convince me that high ranking members of major opposing political group are suddenly found to be involved in Armed robbery just the way Fela was staged to be an armed robber in the 80s. All these charade just to take Saraki down for a puppet, doesn’t cut any ice with me. The Chief’s story is strong and compulsive and I was bamboozled for as long as I was still reading and not after. This is another attempt to make the robbery story against Saraki stick; and create a stupid sensation that will take our eyes off the ball. The ball? Stop killer herdsmen from rampaging the hinterland and stop distracting us with a stupid sensational story about Saraki being an Armed Robber while your more notorious and lethal herdsmen continue to have a field day under your support and protection. Besides, all rational Nigerians know herdsmen should be arrested first before Saraki, even if the story were to stick, because herdsmen menace is more threatening to the corporate existence of this country than an isolated Offa robbery. What a very useless government.


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