By: Luka Binniyat

I am not a minority in northern Nigeria. I have since stopped using that self-deprecating and insidious fallacy.  I come from the native, indigenous people of Northern Nigeria and we form the majority population and land space of the region.  I am not a Hausa nor Fulani.  They constitute a very noticeable minority group in Northern Nigeria going by head count and geography. Yes, Hausa is the most spoken tongue in Northern Nigeria, but absolutely not in terms of human population.

Non-Hausa/Fulani are the majority in Plateau, Gombe, Kogi, Kwara, Adamawa, Nasarawa and Taraba, states.

In Kaduna, were I come from, we made up of 63 ethnic groups, spread in 11 of Kaduna State’s 23  Local Government Areas (LGAs). The two LGAs in Kaduna city  are dominated by non-Hausa / Fulani also. We have 51% of the population of Kaduna state according to 2006 Census.  Hausa is a marginal minority in Kaduna state.  The figures are there.

In the FCT, Benue, Kebbi and Niger states, non Hausa/Fulani are the majority.

Yobe and Borno are essentially Kanuri with scores of other aboriginal persons making up a good percentage of the areas.

The Fulani is a minority in every state of Northern Nigeria. He has no state of his own. I doubt if there is even a single  Local Government in Nigeria that is fully Fulani.

The Hausa is native to and dominant in Sokoto, Zamfara, Katsina, Kano, Jigawa and Bauchi ONLY. For God’s sake, this group is the MINORITY, number –for-number in Northern Nigeria.

I keep wondering how a minority (Hausa) people spread in just 6 states of Northern Nigeria have managed to placed themselves over a majority spread in 13 states of Northern Nigeria.

Non-Hausa/Fulani people of the north must purge themselves of the servile spirit of  Minority mentality and take their rightful place.

This falsehood has been sold since imperial times and our ancestors were forced to accept it. It has let down the people of the Middle Belt for long. We still dubbed ourselves, “we the minority of the north.” There is no enduring foolishness and self-denigration like what we are doing to ourselves.  It is a stupid mentality that has made us the more qualitative and quantitative people of the north feel inferior  to a largely unlettered people.  They take 80% of the National appointments, and we say it is normal, because they are the ‘majority.’ They play nepotism, kidnap our daughters into force marriage and arrogate themselves the powers of  landlords of the north and we say, “God dey”

When presidential elections come, we shudder in trepidation  and start looking for who among our “Master majority People” will contest, even when we have far more  numbers of richer people than them and we have more educated people, and shockingly, the voting population than them. It does not matter, even if we vote by religion. They are not more in number than us. The South South, South East, South West  and most parts of the North East will go with us, if we produce a presidential candidate from any of the two foremost party.

What is wrong with us, people? Please stop using “minority of the North”, unless you are referring to Hausa or Fulani, please.


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  1. I wish all the claims in this article was backed by independently verifiable facts. That would been the proper thing to do.

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