A society where wickedness and deceits prevail and reign supreme, the people prefer to solemnly depend on Karma whose judgment and adjudication of wrong is retributive without sentiments.

When former super eagle player Sam Sodje made wave and played his mind out in compatriot assignment to his fatherland before he proceeded to play international foot ball, little did he  know his career was going to witness series of betrayals and set up by a certain promoter whose ways are embedded in dubious activities.

His efforts aspirations and vision to retire at the right age in football dwindled when he met Shiekh’Mazher Mahmood. A fraudulent promoter whose ways of beguiling innocent players and ripping them off their sweat  is legendary.

Mahmood who flew in and arranged a meeting in dubai with their sponsors for a charity  match in furtherance to their foundation which  he (Sam Sodje and his sibling Steven Sodje) planned  to raise in order to benefit mankind turned sour  when Mahmood came up with an unfounded allegations against the duo, claiming that Sam Sodje had agreed to a deal of match fixing which is not only strange to the player but alien to his ambition as a professional footballer .

Shiekh’mazher Mahmood
The man who set Sam Sodje up and had all his benefit stripped off

Sheikh’Mazher Mahmood didn’t stop at the false allegations he raised against this innocent struggling young man but also formulated series of evidence just to nail the Nigerian international down and cut short his vision and aspirations.  (evidences that were later found out to be false after causing the player credible embarrassment and financial gains) What he intend to gain remain a mystery as proof of his evil deeds were later exposed.  ‎

This however,  led to the breakdown of his career as his contract with Postmouth came to an abrupt end with no club ready to bid him in.

After The damage have been done, facts has emerged on how he set the innocent footballers up and how he’s been crawling and trying to offer the olive branch without coming up to make an open confession.

However, due to its recent findings which the court of adjudication found untrue,   the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)  say they are now  reviewing  25 past convictions that were made using Mahmood evidences. ‎

Over 25 persons who fell pry to this evil man’s set up has come up to institute legal action against him. Among them is the former England Manager, Sven-Goran Eriksson and Pakistan International Cricket Mohammed Amir.  They had all perfected plans to pursue legal  actions against this deceitful man whose ways are clothed with blackmails.

Former England manager Sven Goran Eriksson (left) is another who has threatened to pursue legal action against Mahmood.

It is paramount to note that. SHIEKH ‘Mazher Mahmood has been getting away with this kind of ugly practices and has succeeded in retiring and cutting short the dreams and aspirations of several footballers.

Also, the Nigeria public should take note as what happened to Sam Sodje is a slap on the NFF, NFA and the presidency, at this Era of change, it can as well happen to any of our young footballers who are base abroad. ‎

While legal actions are being prepared to bring this evil man to justice, we are calling on the federal government to take this injustice up by playing her roles in joining the legal action against Mahmood so that it will serve as deterrent to other fake promoters who feast on Nigeria players abroad
The NFL, NFA and the presidency can contact Sam Sodje on : ‎‎


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