Being a press release by the MAKERA YOUTH FRONTIERS on the current political rift between Hon. Yusuf Liman Dahiru and Hon. Ezekiel Baba Karik; the underlining truth.

The current political realities, games of betrayals and conspiracy has indeed forced us to speak, it is our duty to tell the people of Makera Constituency the truth, without the fear of being sacked, intimidated or harassed by political thugs as it is in their habits to do so.

Prior to the 2015 General elections, we were fore-advice on the need to elect representative with credible track records, those who are sagacious and will place first the interest of the people at heart, but the greed party kingpins (delegate) restrained us, they sacrifice the will of the people for an insignificant piece of porridge and are today starved of the benefits of good governance and credible representation. Their actions and inactions gave room for a political toddler to emerge, one who lacks the basic knowledge of representation, and one who has lost touch with the people he represent.

Objectively, we know the coming of Hon. Liman as Member representing Makera constituency was a disaster waiting to happen, the question on the lips of many of his constituent is, who is Hon. Yusuf Liman representing at the State Assembly? For the past three years in the legislative arm, he has been dumbfounded and mute in the affairs that ordinarily he should comment on, he is yet to initiate, propose or even execute a project in his constituency, neither has he engaged his constituent to know bareas in which ordinarily the government can come in to alleviate the plight of the people, he is only out to massage his greed and self-interestedness at the detriment of the people that voted for him.
Now the real issue, we have been following discussions on the long political rivalry and opposition spiced up with politics of vendetta that Hon. Yusuf Liman bares in his heart against Hon Ezekiel B. Karik, since he was appointed by His Excellency Governor Nasiru Ahmed El-rufai, as the Executive Secretary of the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), Hon. Yusuf Liman has been plotting and devising ways to see to it, that Hon. Ezekiel’s giant stride and performance is tarnish in the sight of the government, he has been engaging in cheap blackmails, conspiracy and propaganda aimed at denting Hon. Ezekiel Baba Karik.

It’s disheartening and shameful for Hon. Yusuf Liman to accuse Hon. Ezekiel for the unfortunate incidence that happened to Governor Elrufai, during President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to Kakuri to commission the Inland Dry Port in Kaduna and also the incidence that also occurred at the Kakuri Jummat Mosque, where youth in their numbers chanted and express their grievances when they sighted the Governor alongside Hon. Yusuf Liman. Up until this moment, we are marvelled and yet connect the nexus between what happened and the immediate sack of Hon. Ezekiel, but we are not too dumb or blind to know the background roles that Hon. Liman played in the whole saga. Ordinarily, Hon. Yusuf Liman should have seen the actions of those youth as a call to order for him to have a rethink for his kind of poor representation and misrepresentation in the State House of Assembly, if there is any politician who needs to be booed by the youth, it should be Hon. Yusuf Liman cause he has failed in meeting the terms and agreement contained in the social contract he entered with this youth during the electioneering process in 2015.

Hon. Yusuf Liman has indeed shown how politically handicapped, uncultured and barbarous he is, he has indeed shown to the world how scared and frightened he is due to the remarkable achievements and track records of Hon. Ezekiel Baba Karik. May we use this medium to remind him that this same Hon. Ezekiel Baba Karik, who he planned for his untimely termination at the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), has performed magnificently well as an appointee, and has touched the lives of so many people in the state than Hon. Yusuf Liman who is an elected legislator and representative of the people. We may wish to remind Hon. Yusuf Liman that Hon Ezekiel is politically marketable, he is a commodity that will forever remain the delight of the voters, for his charisma, down to earthiness and willingness to offer help to those in dare need, Hon. Liman should not be quick to forget that Hon. Ezekiel contribute immensely to his victory at the polls, even after being defeated at the party internal primaries, but Hon. Liman has paid off this goodwill with evil and indeed, we will in no distant time remember him of this issues and the dirty roles he played in his act of conspiracy.

May we close by saying, that only true, sagacious politicians and reformers like Hon. Ezekiel Baba Karik, put the next generation at heart, not the next election as been exhibited by Hon. Yusuf Liman Dahiru. We may wish to remind him, that certainly one good turn, deserves another, but yet again one bad turn will certainly deserve a bad turn too. Time, they say will certainly reveal many things to us.

Yakubu Jumare
David Jesse Tanko
Musa Yerima
Yayaha Tanko
Abdulkadir Aliyu
Jacob Fadason.

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