Permit me to start this piece with how Hon. Rimam Shawulu came to represent the people of Takum, Ussa, Donga and Yangtu Constituency in the House of Representatives.

The journey to the Green Chamber was a rough one that even Hon. Rimam himself will not want to remember. His journey to the Green Chamber was what the bible says, “I will use the foolish things to confirm the wise” indeed foolish scenarios led to the emergence of the Honourable as a representative to the utter surprise of many who think he is not fit to be in that office.

Hon. Rimam secured his party ticket to stand for election as a result of the influence of what many Tarabans called “cabal” a force that gave the then acting Governor UTC a run for his money at the Supreme Court where his Excellency. Sani Abubarkar was reinstated paving way for the “cabal” to have a smooth ride to secure the PDP ticket and eventually stand election.

Indeed, prior to the General election, Taraba state witnessed a rigours campaign where many voted in protest against the ruling PDP for imposing their candidates. But what has become a burden to the critics is the manner Hon. Rimam Shawulu continued to impress them with his outstanding performance both at the chamber and his constituency with many left wondering.

Indeed, Hon. Rimam Shawulu has left his critics in despair owing to his outshined performance which is witnessed, feel and touched in my immediate community and other communities.

Some however rejected him at the poll due to the circumstances that brought him to bear the party ticket but for his love and legislation on issues that regards his constituency, the admiration and love for him grew stronger.

One will least expect that the circumstances that brought Hon. Rimam Shawulu to the house will warrant what the constituency has benefited thus far.

What has echoed in the inner minds of the critics was that “though there are individuals who want the best for their people but are being stopped by the cabal” such was the case of Hon. Rimam where God uses the foolish things to confirm the wise where he had no tribunal case to contend with over his electoral victory which has consolidated his mandate by sponsoring a bill for the establishment of Federal College of Education Lissam, haven realised the important of education to the teeming youths and reduce unemployment. The critics have seen to their amazement of the bill he sponsored for the establishment of Prison Service at Lissam a gesture that has pay off well to reduce crime rate and unemployment.

How would the critics have thought Hon. Rimam Shawulu would renovate and reconstruct public schools since it was not the practice by those who were once there to represent the constituency but was astonished at that gesture .

His critics were shocked the more at the recently conducted free medical care courtesy Hon. Rimam where many within and outside his constituency came for cure to their ailments. A medical service that recorded 6473 persons in attendance with 1721 for eyes treatment with free medical glasses in many cases and surgery conducted on 81 persons, with dental having 827 person attended too, while 1236 person were tested for various ailments. Indeed he has won the heart of many critics as he has proven that health is wealth irrespective of status.

Another area that critics are so impressed with Hon. Rimam is on job, where he has successfully secured job to the teeming youths of Takum, Ussa, Donga and Yangtu in the Army, Police and other ministries.

A closer look at this man, brought to understanding that he is one who is accessible, reliable and always fulfill his promises.

He is rated has the best member of the house of representatives in the North East for his vigor and zeal when it comes to issues of legislation, he is indeed a mastery of the terrain which earned him Chairman Committee on Army, a position his people has benefited.

As another election draws closer, status quo should be maintained on this eloquent and outspoken person for another term hence the burden is now on the people of Takum, Ussa, Donga and Yangtu to choose between servanthood and masterhood as it takes only servants to deliver on promises which in my opinion he has done what his predecessors never did. A reward for student which passes examination is to be promoted to the next class, therefore another term for Hon. Rimam Shawulu as the member representing Takum, Ussa, Donga and Yangtu constituency come 2019 is a wise decision.

Your vote is your freedom!

Tukura Ira
Writes from Jalingo!

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One thought on “Hon. Rimam Shawulu and the Burden of critics In Takum, Ussa, Donga and Yangtu Constituency”
  1. Well spoken! he is a man of integrity.a man who fulfils his promises.he brought d dividents of democracy to his contituency.he is a heroe.he deserves to be reelected.he deserves our votes comes 23 february,2019.

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