Takum(II) is a constituency that has been blessed with notable sons and daughters who are desirous to provide the people with good governance and in-depth representation in the state House of Assembly.

Among notable men who has represented the constituency are; Bar. Hon. Sam Adda from Fete ward, Hon. Ahijo Musa from Ayekuben ward and Hon. Mark Useni from Bete ward. Hon Mark Useni who has represented the constituency thrice and rose to be the speaker has declared his intention to represent Takum, Ussa, Donga and Yangtu SDA in the House of Representatives come 2019 thereby creating a vacuum in Takum (II) Taraba State House Of Assembly come 2019.

The search for who fill in this vacant seat should all permutations work as expected by Hon. Mark’s quest for house of representatives is huge task as not less than seven persons has indicated interest to vie for the seat prominent among those is Hon. Emmanuel Bello, one time former commissioner of Information and presently the SSA Public Affairs to the governor.

An in-depth look at those clamouring to wear the shoe of Hon. Mark Useni, Hon. Emmanuel Bello is said to be enjoying all round support from his Bibi community in Bete ward as youth of the community have soon swing into action by canvassing for support for this course.

The youths who believed that Emma Bello, should he be given the ticket of his party and eventually get elected, will continue to Serve the people in the capacity Hon. Mark has done if not better.

He is the most experienced on issues of government among the other aspirants as he is widely travelled with friends cut across the length and breath of Nigeria.

Just recently Bello conducted a sensitization program in Kashimbilla on the need for voters card, a program well attended by the people of Takum (II), by this program Emma was endear to the heart of many who want him come 2019.

Hon. Emma is veteran Journalist and an editor, a carer he has used to the upliftment of many in and around his constituency. He was vocal in Suntai administration been the commissioner of information a position he represented and defended the government actions where necessary.

The choice of Hon. Bello to represent the people of Takum (II) is worth it, owing to his vast experience in issues of government and governance.

Being a seasoned journalist who has served government in various capacities as made him the most qualified and competent should the people of his constituency considers competency as a yardstick.

Those who have interacted with Hon. Emma Bello will attest to his simplicity and accessibility both in his official and personal activities.

As the youths of Bibi in Bete ward has taken the bull by the horn in endorsing Hon. Emma Bello as member representing Takum (II) in Taraba State House of Assembly ,I therefore enjoy youths from other wards to join suit by throwing their weight to this noble call as it is a call to serve humanity through governance.

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