*It is important to note that what those who El-Rufai sent to us to defend the loan request told us was that the loan will be used for “institutional reforms”, not infrastructural developments like he is telling the kaduna public”

*What El-Rufai told us he needed the monies for is different from what he is telling the people on the streets of kaduna”

*If kaduna state government wants me and my committee to approve their loan request, they should come and explain to us what they want the loan for because we want to do a meticulous job. Going on radio to abuse me will not solve their problem

* I have a duty to make sure that your children, my children and the future generation are not over burdened with loans we take today.

*Senate President Bukola Saraki has confidence in me and my committee members and will support the decision we take.

*If anybody tries to influence me to do what is not right in my committee, I will honorably resign.

*The kaduna state governor is now singing the praises of the Senate President Bukola Saraki and NASS, because he wants a loan, the same people he hitherto castigated and accused of being corrupt.

* If out of 109 Senators 108 are in his support as he claimed and only me is against and yet he is yet to get his loan approved what message does he get from that?

* This is so funny, the states (Niger and Borno) that the kaduna state government said bribed my committee for their loan to be approved did not even apply for the loan. How can they bribe us to approve a loan they haven’t even applied for? They just wanted to taint our names and that of the governor’s of these states. This shows how low they can descend to malign me.

* It is our duty as a committee to make sure borrowing is a last resort, we will not approve loans that will end up in private pockets or be used to pay Fulani herdsmen to stop killing in southern kaduna.

*There are nine other states apart from kaduna state whose loan request is still being considered by my committee, apart from kaduna state, none of those states has sent people to go to the streets to protest of malign me and my committee members

*From independent till date, the debt profile of Kaduna state is about US$200m, now the Governor want to collect US$350 in one swoop, I think it’s something to think twice about

* We have received a lot of protest letters against the loan from different individuals and groups in kaduna state, but not even one letter supporting the collection of the loan.


“We must appreciate the fact that PMB has achieved a lot in some areas, especially security wise.

* PMB has sent a clear message on his stand against corruption but a lot still needs to be done properly .

* You don’t question a known sinner for sinning because that is his trade in stock, but a saint must be willing to answer questions when it is seen or believed that he is sinning.

* All corrupt persons whether from the broom side or the umbrella side must be brought to book.

* Keeping the assets declaration of public office holders in secrecy is a mockery of the anti corruption crusade of this administration.

* I have made my own assets declaration public, but I must confess that the bill to make assets declaration public will not be popular among most of my colleague.

Abdulsamad Chima Amadi
SA Media.

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