Daniel Musa Yerina


For a group to be recognized as terrorist group among others, it must portray these three; a tactic, a legal term, and a political label.

With no sentiment, we have duly given the president enough time to review the herdsmen inhuman behavior, and unconstitutional provocation deeds, but it seems the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is freeze, still, or better said he has individually motivated the herdsmen to butcher on many lives.

We all could remember the IBOP scene which the president gave a radical view both national and globally in making sure he blurred the whole creeds of the East, he almost declared a civil war with the pace at which he pursued the case of IPOB. Further comparing the activities of IPOB and the herdsmen deeds in Southern Kaduna and Benue state; we are already made to see and believe that the herdsmen are receiving preferential treatment, and hence breeding a sentimental outlook by the president.

But why has the president suddenly became cold on the mass killings by the herdsmen?

The president lack of national behavior at the surface of this unacceptable creed for blood by the herdsmen had perpetually reveal to us a debate of whether the president is the Federal representative who took the oath, one of which to secure lives, or better argued as the herdsmen representative to secure their blood sucking interest.
If this is true, then it’s a disgrace for a leader, and a betrayal of the federal character of a president.

The herdsmen have met every criteria to be labeled terrorist group, and they indeed are with what we have seen and heard of their perpetrations.

We have seen these men kill our children, fathers, mothers, old men and women, massacred our friends, and destroy our inherited land from our fathers.

We must unite and bring this blood sucking bullies to a still.
The president must act, and do it fast.
This should not be left to turn to Civil War while it’s still noon.

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