Godogodo was attacked yesterday with many casualties. We were told that the herdsmen came in their  hundreds with sophisticated weapons yesterday night 15th October, 2016 and continued this morning.

We were told that the security couldn’t stop them as they were taken unaware by the Fulani herdsmen who were armed with sophisticated weapons. We were also told that women and children with amputated legs and arms were taken to the Kafanchan hospital this morning. Wounded Soldiers and Policemen were also taken to the hospital.

Our source also said that burnt bodies littered the streets and were  beyond recognition aside from those roasted alive in Unguwan Ninzom of Godogodo, Jema’a local government, Kaduna State.

A pregnant woman was also said to have been ripped open and the fetus removed,  a man was also said to have lost four of his family members during this attack.

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