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The Gurara patriot Foundation is absolutely bewildered at the gruesome and untimely yet heinous termination of the life of The Agom Adara His Royal Highness Dr Maiwada Galadima after his mysterious disappearance on the 19th October, 2018 by yet to be identified kidnappers.

Receiving the news of his demise which was orchestrated by his heartless abductors has left many tongues wagging.

More astonishing is the unwarranted and unfounded killing of the highly respected custodian of the culture of the Adara nation is that the requested ransom was paid and received by his abductors. Hence, this dastardly event has only raised a pertinent question begging for answer which is, what was the rationale that surrounded his abduction? His life or the ransom?

Though we are deeply pained, but yet we are comforted that the late Agom Adara whose life was untimely sniffed out to join his ancestors lived a life worth emulating. He was down to earth, absolutely committed to the well-being and progress of his subjects and people, a peace maker par excellence and a man whose character and disposition was one of its kind.

We demand that the Kaduna State Government in conjunction with the various security agencies ensure that the perpetrators of this heinous and dastardly act be brought to book .This to a large extent will serve as a deterrent to future occurrences of such act as well as a consolation to the family of the revered Chief, the Adara nation and Southern Kaduna at large even when it is clear that nothing can be equated with a life lost.

Gurara Forum expresses her profound condolences to the good-hearted and peace loving people of the Adara nation, Southern Kaduna and to Kaduna State at large.

Furthermore, we implore all to remain calm, be law abiding and extend the peace mantra even as we mourn our father , let us imbibe the doctrine of peace which he upheld and was known for.

Lastly, we pray that the Almighty God would comfort everyone grieving as a result of this sudden death of our Chief and that his blood and that of others who were innocently spilled would atone for a lasting peace to reign and encapsulate our loving state.

As a mark of honor for His Royal Highness the Late Agom Adara, the GF EXCO has mandated that all post that will be made on the Forums platform on Monday 29th October 2018 must be condolence related messages as any other post would be sanctioned
God bless Southern Kaduna.
God bless Kaduna State

Jerry Adams
Secretary General
Gurara Patriot foundation.
(Gurara forum)

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