Kogites must think hard and deep before it is too late and we are all overwhelmed. For now, anyone who is against the malfeasance and decadence, and who is actively campaigning against the bad governance and endemic corruption in Lugard house is categorized as an enemy that must be deal with and if possible be silenced by all means yet the bitter truth must be told; some of us don’t owe anyone any apologies for pointing out the failings of the present administration in Lugard House as our loyalty is to our state,the Confluence state not to any strange leader or a particular cartel controlling the state. We, therefore admonish that other Kogite’s having the same mission need to remain vigilant.

The good people of Kogi state are losing their faith in “the leadership of Yahaya Bello” and the system had almost become unreliable as over 80% of Kogites no longer believe in you and if the mess already being created because of bad governance is not addressed urgently, kogi state would be in great trouble .

The rulers should understand the situation before it is too late and work towards instilling the faith that has been lost in the system. Today the Civil servants, pensioners, Business class and Farmers are struggling for dignity, genuine social justice; the opposition in the state are crying for freedom because whoever criticize you or oppose the government receives death threat, harassment and bully from the core supporters of the administration as journalists are not even spared from the venom of your machineries.

It is something Governor Bello must ponder, especially in view of the very large political cabinet of several commissioners, special advisers, senior special assistants and special assistants duplicating functions and offices. While the state government claims that its large army of political appointees is not adequately catered for, Kogites wonder what informs such a massive duplication of political offices and engagement of myriad of aides to the governor at a time of financial difficulties. Does this not say something of Alh. Yahaya Bello’s capacity to govern?

Governor Bello will have a rough ride if he chooses to ignore paying public sector workers and if he continues to play with issues of governance, Kogites are smart and if Gov. Yahaya Bello thinks he can buy his way with money into second term we are watching closely because he may get a very bad deal.

Over 60% workforce in the state and local government have been sacked without paying them their entitlement, some of them are being owed over eleven months salaries,their pay slip and account details was included in the submission to the CBN by Wada government before the bailout fund was approved and instead of paying them now that their much anticipated money has been released, they are labeled ghost workers denied all their entitlements and even those that have been cleared by the screening committee received staggered payment of salaries others were victims of skipped allowances, months or grade levels. This unwarranted treatment of dedicated workers can only serve the purpose of further impoverishment of workers .
However other Government activities specially hyped towards image laundering of Alhaji Bello and that of Edward Onoja have continue to enjoy funding without hinderance. With GYB Canvassers each ward coordinator is receiving the sum of Thirty Thousand monthly, a motorcycle, a bag of rice and recharge card money, members of the social media team are receiving their weekly stipends without pause just to promote Gov. Yahaya Bello on sothe former Councillors received One million eight hundred thousand each because Bello sees them as useful to his second term ambition and the organizers of his occasion in Anyigba, GYB Kogi East inauguration were given millions to mobilise people to attend the occasion and five thousand were budgeted to be forwarded to those that came to stadium to grace the occasion.

Of course,the distance between beloved leader and despised failure is shorter than we think.
On 27 January 2016. Bello said “There is no greater evil than corruption, and nothing champions that more than impunity,”
“Let it be recorded today that future generation will not be given any reason to count this incoming administration among those who revelled in corruption and impunity. We will be different by the grace of God as he “pleaded to pay workers’ backlog salary and crush insecurity” There is need for broad understanding what lead to the 60% payment of salaries to the successful workers that received the clean bill of record from Governor Bello dreaded screening team despite receiving several intervention from the Federal Government after being kept for over ten months without payment in the name of screening, we have to be concerned about the welfare of the state and local government
workers. Disregarding the plight of workers is unprecedented and the governor has exceeded his power,underpaying workers is no longer war against ghost workers but a despicable act

Gov. Yahaya Bello never campaigned and the only contractual agreement between Bello and the good people of Kogi state was his speech on his inauguration and today the reverse is the case. There has never being a government as corrupt as the present government,suffering from dwindling popularity to the extent that Col.Augustin Aneibo and Paul Omeruo the then military administrators government in kogi state are rated higher than Gov.Bello’s government. Kogi recorded the highest kidnapping case under him than any Government in kogi state, a lecturer just died recently in kogi state in the hands of kidnappers as The paramount ruler of Eganyi in Ajaokuta local govt area of Kogi State, Alhaji Musa Isah Achuja spent his new year in the hands of the kidnappers, Catholic priest, Lawyers,Teachers,Bankers,Cashew Nuts dealers and others paid millions to have themselves freed from kidnappers. This is happening while the state government hired Chopper from police paying millions without result.


Just for the year 2017,Kogi state Government is to spend 1.43 Billion Naira Tax payers money for both local and foreign tour with His Excellency’s wife, to spend the sum 350 million Naira taxpayers for her tours, this is the woman that her Husband is performing abysmally and has failed in all aspect of governance. While we are talking about these good for nothing expenses the state to spend 325 million Naira tax payers money for advertisement and publicity this include regular appearance of Kingsley Fanwo, Edward Onoja and others on AIT and expenses of some cyber rodents and 400 million Naira for Lugard house refreshment,tea and biscuit you know what I mean while the workers and the pensioners are battling to feed twice in a day, their Excellencies foreign treatments is to cost kogi state 50 million Naira this is happening in the state that its General Hospitals and Primary care centres are abandoned without basic facilities.


Gov. Bello’s Government must initiate a number of measure to arrest the situation before it is too late as corruption and bad governance are now well entrenched in the state of affairs and his personal weakness to address it is now acknowledged.
Gov. Bello must not just sack the chairman of the screening committee he must recalled those workers back and pay them their money urgently as some of them are being owed over 10 months before they were declared ghost workers and this period they were coming to their various offices . Because of his Excellency’s leadership failure, neglect and inaction and the weakness of some of his close ally within Government to tell the real truth has created a very big vacuum that has being occupied by his chief of staff who naturally don’t believe and welcome contrary opinion. The Chief of staff is a man that thinks he knows it all and any other idea is tagged inferior, claiming to be super man as he is behaving and having all the machineries of Government at his disposal and ignoring wise counsel is a sure recipe for failure . As youths, we consider the youthful Government of kogi state as a friend and that is why we are telling the state authorities the truth . Act now before it’s too late.
The self inflicted helplessness of the state House of Assembly in the present situation is a story for another day.

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