One of my followers inboxed me to ask why i stopped criticising president Buhari’s policies?, while i was still thinking of the answer to give him he sent yet another question. That is it because i was scared of being arrest?

I finally got answers to his questions. First, i said i can’t explain why i lost interest in criticising this administration and on a second thought i said may be because of a sudden laziness in writing or it is because i felt that i have criticised this government enough or because what i predicted will happen if we elect president Buhari will happen is now happening or a feeling of satisfaction or sadness that people have refused to listen to the voice of warning crying in the wilderness instead they felt threatened by the conspiracy theory especially the killings in the middlebelt which APC used against the previous administration to garner votes from the middlebelt. Governor El-rufai is a perfect example from his utterances.

In an attempt to answer his second question, i thought over and over to unravel what he actually meant by arrest me.Then these quickly came to my mind. Number one i am not a threat to this administration, neither am i a politician nor a millionaire who can intimidate them with such money, neither did i have the crowd nor a leader that controls the crowd. I went further to say that even if i am arrested i will be fulfilled that i was arrested for a noble cause. He didn’t say anything and that was how our conversation ended.

Politician don’t actually give qualms about arrest or being sent to prison because being to prison is the cheapest way to gain sympathy and to garner popularity as a politician without using huge amount of money to buy it or going through the stress of getting people to market your person.

I feel El-rufai has made Audu Maikori, Luka Binniyat, Nasiru Jagaba and Dr John Danfulani all of them from Southern Kaduna popular without stress, in his quest to exercise power for being vindictive or his quest to impress some northern Muslims that he is fighting the SK people because of their religion and also for changing the narrative of the killings ongoing in Southern Kaduna from Fulani terrorists attacking the natives in Southern Kaduna to the narrative of Southern Kaduna people attacking Muslim which is not true. El-rufai has been described by Obasanjo as being vindictive and cunning like a serpent. What i understood from his change of narrative of the killings in Southern Kaduna is to buy the sympathy of the Muslims in the north of Kaduna state against the 2019 election, believing that if the north could give him their votes then to hell with the Southern Kaduna vote. Meaning, he is trying to divide Kaduna state along religion line for his political gain. I am tempted to believe that El-rufai is the one gaining from the Southern Kaduna crisis in preparation for 2019 election and i wont be wrong if i accused him of being the sponsor, after all he acknowledged paying the Fulani terrorists an undisclosed amount of money as compensation for what i don’t know.

In 2015, it was the Shiite he used by deceiving them in sympathising with them and he accused the former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan that HE sent military to kill the Shiite members but fast-forward to 2016, El-rufai killed more Shiite members ever in the history of Nigeria.

Now El-rufai succeeded in deceiving ZEMDA to support his shenanigans which i have seen in their latest press release on March 8th, 2017 titled “THE INTRACTABLE SOUTHERN KADUNA CRISIS; Myths and Realities”. I can see his smartness getting him what he wanted. Now El-rufai is using ZEMDA as his political tool to fight Southern Kaduna so that he can easily get the number of votes he needed from the north through ZEMDA as one of the powerful associations in the northern part of Kaduna.

I want El-rufai to remember that the blood of the innocent is crying everyday against him unless he repent.

Note: My friend, you have succeeded in pushing me into writing a long epistle where the initial objective was to respond to your questions in not less than five lines as i am now lazy in writing and typing.

Mercy Musa Swanta

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