Governor El-rufai said in some of the interviews he granted to journalist that he has paid the Fulani terrorists to stop the Killings in Southern Kaduna which has preceded his administration.

Governor El-rufai made so many claims that the payment of the Fulani terrorists by his administration to stop the killings of Southern Kaduna people was an implementation of the Kaduna State Security Committee’s recommendations chaired by Gen. Martin Luther Agwai (rtd).

The governor’s comments led some people to start asking questions; one of the questions was; why can’t the governor make public the Agwai’s recommendations? Why can’t Agwai clear the air about the committee’s recommendations?

Gen Martin Luther Agwai granted interview to Daily Trust News paper, seeing that people have started calling on his attention to clear the air about his committee’s recommendation which El-rufai administration used as a reason for paying Fulani terrorists to stop the killings in Southern Kaduna.

General Martin Luther Agwai (rtd) was the first commander of the United Nations/African Union (UN/AU) combined peace keeping mission in Dafur, Sudan.

Below is the excerpt from the interview granted to Daily Trust by General Martins Luther Agwai (rtd)

Gen. Agwai (rtd) said that his committee’s recommendation is there for everyone to see. He also said there was no mention in his committee’s recommendations that only an aggrieved party should be compensated.

This is his exact words as swansylinks culled from Daily Trust of January 8, 2017, “I have heard such rumour; but my report is open. What the committee recommended was for the government to dialogue and compensate all the aggrieved party. If the Kaduna State government cannot do it alone, it should appeal to the Federal government and International organisations for assistance. So, if the government of Kaduna state has paid one group and quoted our report, I feel that is partial”

The above statement by General Agwai has shown how cunny and terrible a liar, governor El-rufai is. It also shows how much hatred the people of Southern Kaduna have had to suffer from the likes of Gov El-rufai considering his twisting of the recommendations of the General’s security committee recommendation to suit his narrative for compensating his Fulani brothers and abandoning the people of Southern Kaduna who were equally affected.

Gen Agwai further posited that Gov El-rufai erred by paying compensation to one party as opposed  to his committee’s recommendations that  both parties should be compensated. Hear what the General said: “However, I don’t believe it is true. But if it is true, it is not our recommendation. Also, we said in our report that you cannot take away problems in the new dispensation of things, with the social media and mobile phones in people’s hands. You cannot say that one area is creating problems. For example, we found out and reported that the crisis that led to the killings in 2011 did not start from Southern Kaduna. Records are there to prove that. It was when indigenes of Southern Kaduna started receiving phone calls from their brothers and crying over the phones that emotions and perceptions were whipped and we got to the level we got to. So, if there is going to be dialogue it should include everybody, if there is going to be compensation it should also include everybody”.

Gen Agwai statement above has comprehensibly stated the obvious-that the 2011 crisis didn’t start from Southern Kaduna. The question here is, why did the Governor and his deputy kept emphasizing that the Fulanis were caught in the crisis in Southern Kaduna and not talking about the genesis of the crisis which equally affected the Southern Kaduna people in Zaria, Birnin Gwari and Kaduna metropolis? When will the governor compensate those affected in Southern Kaduna as he did to his Fulani brothers?

Gen. Agwai concluded by saying thus; “Our report even went further to say that in the interim, government can talk about grazing reserves, but in the long run, ranching is the solution to the problem. We should bear in mind that because cattle are increasing, the owners of the cattle are also increasing, in the same vein, farmers are increasing and the quest for farmlands is increasing. But the land itself is constant, it doesn’t increase. And if you want to have a proper mechanised and profitable farming, you need a land of over 100,000 hectares. Everybody is trying to use the land; hence we cannot continue to graze from place to place”.

Agwai reiterated his statement above to show how serious he is about what he has said earlier, he said thus: “I want to say with all sincerity that there was no place in our report where we said that government should dialogue and compensate the herdsmen only. I don’t know if the government is saying that it has started following our recommendation and the first phase is to start with the herdsmen before coming to the other people”.

Agwai’s statement has outrightly condemned El-rufai as a pathological and shameless liar. He was carried away by his professionalism in lying that he didn’t think Agwai could refute his dirty lies.

Now, we have seen him for who he is; a bias and a bigot governor that hates the people of Southern Kaduna.

By Mercy Swanta



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