Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku has been described as a father of all who eschews any form of differences. He is also a consummate advocate for peaceful coexistence among groups who has zero tolerance for violence of any kind.

Making this assertion in a media briefing, Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs to Governor Ishaku, Emmanuel Bello noted that any charge to the contrary is the handiwork of desperate politicians losing out in the equation.

He said, “disregard talks that Governor Darius Ishaku is arming militias to engage in ethnic cleansing. That’s just beer parlour talk. Our governor is an amiable gentleman who rose through the ranks in various endeavours. An urbane university lecturer, Darius is also an architect. So even by the training of the academia, he is a builder of people and not a destroyer. He cannot sanction any killings. It is just not in his character. Besides, years of interactions with various groups and people has made him a cosmopolitan politician without narrow biases.”

Bello said the crisis in Takum and other parts of Nigeria bears similarities. He urged the security agents to be unbiased and come up with credible solutions.

He said, “throwing accusations is cheap. The hard work is getting culprits, the real culprits and not scapegoats. And ensuring they are brought to justice. In doing this, the authority needs to be very professional and impartial. The military, for instance, shouldn’t take sides in any of these crisis. It is in its neutrality it would be able to deal with the troublemakers.”

Bello said the governor grieves over all cases of murders in the state. He said, “to suggest that Darius encourages these killings insanely means that he wants to deliberately continue mourning. He mourns all the time any Taraba citizen lost his or her life. He’s the chief mourner. How then can he be seen as condoning or promoting hates that leads to the carnage? Such a notion is laughable, despicable and downright devilish.”

Bello also noted that the governor has continued to cooperate with all security agents to foster peace in Taraba”

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