Kogi state and Yahoo Yahoo government part 2.

Governor Bello where is the result of the so much talked about screening Exercise?

“On Wednesday, 14th Dec, 2016, Governor Bello announced via a Radio Program titled “Kogi in focus” on Radio Kogi, FM 94.1 around 6:17am that the Committee saddled with the responsibility of screening Workers of Kogi State barely a year after has concluded her assignment.”

Ordinarily, that utterance coming from number citizen of the state should gladden the heart of the good people of Kogi State: but, in reality, the good people of Kogi State are in despair and total agony as Bello’s men sent for screening assignment have no result to show for their errand after one year.

No wonder, people gather in cluster form since Bello made that utterance to ask in solemn voice “where is the result of the screening excise after one year of agonising moment for over 80% workers of Kogi State who were obnoxiously declared as “ghost workers” perhaps, with the sole aim of retrenching them.

Recall, 20billion Naira was released to settle arrears of workers salaries since second quarter of 2016 but Bello and his Men, Enward Onoja in particular, siphoned the money through “Yahoo, yahoos Projects such as purchases of outrageous Cars to his political appointees, purchase of his personal House to the State government amounting to point one billion Naira just to point a few.

Again, if Bello is sincere, let him detail Kogites the result of the screening exercise.

Available record has shown that Kogi’s workforce before the appointment of Governor Yahaya Bello was maximally around 23,000 that is both the real workers and the tagged “Ghost workers” by Governor Yahaya Bello inclusive.

Similarly, it is equally on record that the wage bill of Kogi state was put between the region of 2.1billion to 2.7billion Naira…

At this point, it is not out of place to ask: how much is the wage bill of Kogi after Bello’s screening?

Off course Bello cannot mention the amount because a lot of his Allies have been smuggled into the state workforce aside thousands of other illegal replacement by his screening committee.

Bello claimed the wage bill of Kogi state is over bloated by the past government but Bello has employed more than Ibro and Wada combined.

Besides, can Bello explain the modality he used in tagging those employed in Ministries of Work and Radio Kogi FM94.1 in 2014/2015 as “ghost workers?”

It is equally pertinent to stress that the Federal Allocation to Kogi state from January 2016 to December, 2016 is estimated to be around 30billion Naira that is, an average of 2.5billion Naira per month.

Again, can Bello account for this allocation with no project to show for it on ground?

Finally, Bello should know that he is Just appointed to manage Kogi and time shall come when he might be asked to give account of his stewardship.

Austine Okai Usman.

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