by Ira Tukura

Hon. Stephen Ibrahim Agya is best positioned to take the people of Gashaka, Kurmi and Sardauna federal constituency to a greater height owing to his unbeatable track records of performance as the Executive chairman of Kurmi Local Government Area, despite the limited resources at his disposal. He has demonstrated steadfastness and commitment by matching his words with visible and viable actions which has indeed translated into today’s realities that has earned him a place in the heart of all teeming youths of Gashaka, Kurmi and Sardauna federal  constituency for being outstanding in his laudable projects that has drawn their admiration which necessitated the call for him to contest as a member Federal House of Representatives Abuja at his constituency come 2019, for a better and effective representation in the green chamber Abuja.

He is a tested and trusted leader and is prudence in the management of the limited resources for a viable project with human face that has touched the lives of people and changed their stories with smiles on their faces. In his magnanimity, he has provided the people of Kurmi with portable drinking water, renovated and furnished the local government secretariat into a modern edifice.

The Honourable has done wonderfully well in reconstructing, rehabilitating and furnishing the chairman’s quarters that have been neglected for decades. Today in his good gesture and act of governance, the secretariat has putting on a good look. Being youth friendly as he is, he reconstructed the Baissa recreation centre with modern relaxation facilities where lovers of sport have a hitch free view.

Haven realised the need for education as bedrock of every nation, he built 9 block classrooms with administrative offices for conducive learning environment as well as equipped with modern teaching facilities to enhance effective and interactive learning among the pupils. He has sponsored many less privileged and the vulnerable in his community into higher institutions of learning through the Stephen Scholarship Scheme (SSS) and has empowered quite a number of youths in his empowerment scheme which has brought succour to the teeming youths of Kurmi and its environs.

Health is wealth to Hon. Stephen Ibrahim Agya, which is practical in Ndaforo, Bissaula Clinic and Maternity which have been reconstructed and rehabilitated into a modern maternity with well-equipped medical facilities, sufficient drugs to meet the health needs of the communities.

As innovative and initiative as he is, Hon. Stephen has provided free medical cares to thousands in his community through the AGYA FREE SURGERY AND MEDICARE. This gesture has rescued many from their ailments.

All these laudable projects were achieved within a span of time with little resources at his disposal, which has given him an edge as the most qualified among others seeking to contest for the green chamber come 2019!

He has done it to the people of Kurmi at his capacity as the Executive chairman, doing it and replicating same to the entire people of Gashaka, Kurmi and Sardauna constituency come 2019 is a task he is ready to undertake.

He is articulate, intelligent, easy going, educated and conversant with the people’s needs that require legislation.

The natural resources that need legislative backing to be harnessed will be a reality with Hon. Ayga in the House of Representative due to his boldness, zeal, doggedness and passion to serve not to be served. His political friends cut across the length and breadth of Nigeria thereby making lobbing easier and convenience to bring federal projects to his constituency. Being an experienced politician, his presence in the green chamber will make a great difference owing to his position as the ALGON chairman.

He remains the best choice and option for his party (PDP) and the entire constituency if they must make their voices heard in the lower chamber (Federal House of representative).  The time is now ripped for progress, unity of purpose and prosperity of the constituency with Mr Agya as the only desired change to make good happen.

Ladies and gentlemen Hon. Agya has offered himself as a servant to serve in the green chamber come 2019.

Let’s make no mistake for “our vote4Stephen is our voice”

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