The elders of Gashaka today met with Hon. Stephen Ibrahim Agya in a closed door meeting at his office.The meeting which was anchored on the call for the honourable to throw his weight into representing the constituency at the federal house of representative by contesting in the forth coming election.

The leader of the elders said: “We are here to appease to your conscience to come and deliver our constituency from misrepresentation. This we all know is a task you are capable”

At the closed door meeting, the elders assured Agya to mobilise and canvass support from the grassroot should he throw the towel to contest as member representing Gashaka, Kurmi and Sardauna constituency.

Stephen in his speech thank the elders who has found in him the qualities of a leader which they yarn for to represent the constituency at the house of representative and promise to make his position known after consulting with the governor, stakeholders and other political associates .

He said” I am most grateful, the elders as found in me the traits of a leader the constituency need, this I am indebted to and I promise to in due time make my position known on this cause. I have the governor and other stakeholders to consult on this regards”

It could be recalled that delegation of youths from Sardauna paid a solidarity visit to Hon. Stephen Ibrahim Agya at his residence on a similar call to contest as a member to represent them in the House of Representatives come 2019.

An elder who pleaded anonymous stated that: “Though as human we have made our mistakes in 2015, and we are ready to correct the mistake of the past with Hon. Stephen Ibrahim Agya”.

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