A Civic reception and Dinner organised by friends in honour of Comrade (Dr.) Silas G. Adamu the newly elected National President Atyap Community Development Association (ACDA) was held on Saturday 23rd January, 2021 in Unity Wonderland Hotel, Kafanchan-Kaduna.

The occasion was graced by many illustrious sons/daughters of the soil, among them were; His Highness Agwatyap, Sir Dominic G. Yahaya (KSM), Senator Danjuma La’ah, Prof. John La’ah, SOKAPU president represented, Mrs Laurentia Mallam, former Minister for Environment represented, Dr. Elias Manza, the Executive Chairman Zangon Kataf LGA (Host) represented, Barr. Hauwa Shakarau, the Chairwoman of Nigeria Bar Association, Abuja was also present.

Also present were representatives of Medical Health Workers Union of NIgeria (MHWUN), Tsaunin Kura GRA Residents Association (Sabo GRA) was heavily represented by Elder Tagwai Emmanuel, Daniel Meltu, Jonah Adua Kure and Okpani Jacob Onjewu Dickson.


The invited guest did not hide their excitements while making their goodwill messages. The newly elected ACDA was advised to be difference and unite the Atyap nations.

Dr. Silas said in his remarks, “my heart bleeds whenever news of attacks and counter attacks in our community reach me.

“I become troubled, body spirit and soul and become engrossed in deep thinking as to what is the way out of this quagmire.

The president was overwhelmed for being honoured by friends who deem it fit for him to be celebrated by organizing a gigantic civic reception.

The president assured his people that that together with his team he will leave no stone unturned; ”

As the President of ACDA, I, alongside my team will leave no stone unturned in searching for ways to bring development to our community.
With the support of all stakeholders, we believe we will rewrite history and make our lands enviable as a result of progress we envisage in the nearest future.
Although as a socio-cultural group, we are non-religious and non-political, we want to draw the attention of our people that the time has come for ACDA to have more than just a passing interest in the political activities surrounding our collective will for progress and development.
While we will not involve ACDA in the murky waters of party politics, we shall work together with politicians who are saddled with constitutional powers to bring peace, unity and development to our people.
We shall interrogate what their positions have brought to the table of our collective patrimony, be they Atyap, Hausa or Fulani and any other ethnic group in our land,” he said.
He further said that he will mobile his people to go with the politician that recognise them in time of trouble or insecurity; “If we mobilise and sensitise our people to go with only people that were there for them when they needed peace and security, people who wiped their tears when they were hungry; political parties that provided food when they were hungry, a government that provided justice to them when they were emasculated, groups that provided succour to them when they became homeless, even religious organisations that did not only sympathise with them in their hour of need by praying for God’s intervention for them but also empathised with them by practically providing basic needs for them as an injunction of God, and we knock on their doors and ask our people to vote for them or pray for them and mobilise in their favour and you call it politics or religion, then we are ready to change the narratives along this line,” he said.
Dr. Silas also said, he will not abandon his people in the hand of selfish and self serving politicians and religious bigots, but shall encourage them to ask questions from their representatives on every level of human endeavour,  in the speech he delivered on Saturday during his civic reception.



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