By Usman Okai Austin

1. Kogi State University VC asked to retire for stagnation as Professor. The Kogi state university VC and a Professor of Economic History at Bayero University Kano who was appointed as KSU VC in the year 2015 was asked to retire by the Bello screening Commitee. Let us even assume that the VC was made a Professor by KSU, how can you asked a Professor to retire for stagnation? Habba Bello should be informed……!

2. Professor Arogba fondly called “Yahaya Bello Professor” in KSU because of the controversial manner Governor Yahaya Bello meddle in the internal affairs of the University and appointed him as Dean of Student’s Affairs, was also asked to retire for stagnating as Professor for over 10 years. Before now professor Arogba’s names was omitted from both cleared and uncleared lists and have not being collecting salaries for the past 6 months. To the extent that Professor Arogba had to collect 40,000 naira palliative survival measures from ASUU to survive. We thought that Prof. AROGBA who was forcefully imposed on Kogi State University as the Dean of Student Affairs will be spared from Bello’s maladministration.
Good radiance for rubbish!!!

3. The Professors on sabbatical leave in KSU were again asked to come back for another round of screening from their various universities.

4. Not less than 6 Professors including a Professor of Surgeon of the Kogi State University have indicated interest to resign from the university because of Governor Yahaya Bello humiliating treatment. Yet, this is a university that mass exodus of qualified academic staff was reported sometimes ago.

5. Contract Staff in the state owned tertiary institutions are still treated as ghost in the just released screening report. Whereas Dr Bello Ohiani, Governor Bello’s elder brother who just retired from Ahmadu Bello University now with NASARAWA STATE UNIVERSITY at the department of Political Science on CONTRACT is receiving his monthly salaries as a contract Staff. Dr. Bello Ohiani is receiving his salaries as contract staff from Nassarawa State University while at the same time receiving his pension from ABU Zaria. Yet he is not declared ghost lecturer by the Nasaarawa State Government.

6. All the Chief Lecturers at the College of Education Ankpa has being asked to resign by Bello screening committee. The ranks of Chief Lecturer in the College of Education is equivalent to the Professorial rank in the university at that level.

What more to say but to state the obvious that Bello is incompetent, intoxicated and arrogant with power as Governor and not ready to learn.

Nassarawa, Ekiti, Rivers, Benue, Osun states just to mention but few and the federal government carried out their screening yet there is no uproar and chaos as that of Kogi state.

If you don’t know can’t you ask how these states and federal government successfully carried out theirs? That is why we have being saying that there are more reasons with this elongated controversial screening beyond wedding the ghost workers……!

Bello should apologize to the good people of Kogi state and resign for incompetence.

Usman Okai Austin

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