By Nasiru Jagaba

I would not want to join issues on the obfuscated and purported “endorsement” of Comrade Senator Shehu Sani by SOKAPU Youth Wing, as fabricated by some twisted minds in the error camp of the number one enemy of Southern Kaduna. Our press statement and our communiqué had addressed their failed attempt at mischief and discredit of our patriotic actions. As it has become customary with me, all my writings are posted on my Facebook wall and not on the walls of unfortunate mischievous inanity. So if we had endorsed any I would have posted it on my wall. Is somebody somewhere afraid of our democratic association with Comrade Senator Shehu Sani? Who was with us when we were killed like ants, at the same time the paymaster of the blind sycophants that concocted the myth that we endorsed him for 2019, was busy defending the state encouraged genocide.

In the first place, do these political urchins know what endorsement means? Can they provide a video clip, audio recordings or any endorsement documents signed by my humble self, Nasiru Jagaba. While I will not glorify their falsehood in order not to help them boost their sycophantic political CV and opportunistic posturing in the eyes of their paymaster; but I need to set the records straight to save the gullible minds from being misled. I understand that these hungry sycophants are looking for their next meal, but I want to remind the political jesters that your paymaster’s rent in Sir Kashim Ibrahim House will soon expire and all the wealth being illegally amassed cannot renew his rent.

Your paymaster the “Grabber” called us a group of Bigot, who he does not recognize and he will deal with us. Well, granted the accidental governor is entitled to his ego-driven opinion, but on our own part, we will not also give recognition to a tyrant, in democratic setup, that people like Comrade Shehu Sani fought for.  We had already seen the writing on the wall when the Acting President came; he suppressed the Southern Kaduna voice (SOKAPU) to say our side of the story. Our relationship with the Comrade Senator goes beyond political ambition but base on the struggle to liberate the oppressed. For us in SOKAPU Youth Wing, we are only staying true to the aphorism that your friend is the one that stands by you in your difficult moments. If the czar in Sir Kashim Ibrahim House thinks we are betrayers like him then he must be a joker.

Whether he is vying for the seat of the Governor of Kaduna state or not, the Comrade Senator is our true friend indeed, because he was our friend when we were in need; we are identifying with him because he identified with us. We might have been subjugated for decades, but that does not mean we are stupid; do they expect us to reject the one that loves us and embrace the one that publicly hates us.   The Comrade Senator recognizes us and also identified with us in our mourning homes and in our prison cells. He was there with us when your heartless demi-God wanted to demolish our homes in Gbagi Villa, he added his voice to our voices.

Why are you jittering because Comrade Shehu Sani visited us, is it now a crime for a friend to visit a friend in Kaduna state under the wild emperor. My candid advice to the paranoid emperor, even though he does not deserve to be in that office meant for statesmen, is to go and solve your in-house problems, because I can see even your house is in disarray, your friends and allies are fast becoming your enemies. It has been rumored that your Chief of Staff when he was the Commissioner of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs and one of your closest confidant, compelled the Interim Chairmen to pay a monthly loyalty fee of 1million each in your name.

Today we watched you guys moving in different directions as 2019 is fast approaching. This is just a tip of the iceberg, as in 2019, you will turn back and realize that all the while that you are alone, as no one wants to be seen with the evil genius. The emperor in Sir Kashim Ibrahim is being blinded by the sycophants around him, making him unable to see beyond his ego that he is now a political liability to his party, and even to the hangers-on around him looking for daily bread. It looks like your Chief of staff has seen the sign that you are a political waste product and is trying to save himself and the party from the forthcoming shame that awaits you in 2019.  The emperor governor should profusely thank and reward his Chief of Staff for telling him the truth, because in 2019 there will be no “SAK”.  The desperation with which the confused foot soldiers of the emperor attempted to misinterpret our association with our dear friend, the Comrade Senator, only shows that there is fear, confusion, desperation and disarray in the camp.

I want to categorically state that SOKAPU Youth Wing under my leadership will not drag the organization into politics or sell our people to any politician. If we are going to support any candidate or party as citizens and as a group, we know the appropriate channels to follow, and there has to be concrete and signed agreements. As young people we cannot sell our future to anybody; but we will always know our friends who recognize us and stand by us, and we shall stand by them going into the future. Why should the focus only be on the Comrade Senator who did not even declare his aspiration to us at the meeting; while also there were two other politicians from different parties in the meeting, who had declared their aspiration?  Even with the fact that the Comrade Senator is our friend and we love him; we cannot endorse him without following through the right channels and also having a formal commitment.

Our discussion was issues-based and centered on the plight of Southern Kaduna, the Continuous Voters Registration, how Southern Kaduna is being marginalized in the National and State budgets, promotion of Southern Kaduna youth participation in politics across all parties, and build political solidarity to protect the interest of Southern Kaduna. We also urged the Comrade Senator to at all times collaborate with the Senator representing Southern Kaduna is pushing for issues that will bring peace, growth and development in our region.

Unfortunately, in their shivering desperation to misrepresent the reality, the emperor’s unimaginative town criers claimed that we paid a courtesy visit to the Comrade Senator; the question is, is his house now inside a hotel-BBS Diamond hotel? They said we are anti APC, among our guest at the meeting were two APC members and also among the youth stakeholders there were members of the party. What they fail to understand by the body language of the electorates towards 2019 elections, it will not be about political party, but the credibility of the candidate, of which the emperor they worship does not have.

Rather that engage in cheap and primordial propaganda to score political points; the sycophants should put pressure on the power-obsessed emperor to finish the holes called drainages he littered our streets with as the raining season is here. If he lacks what to do than fight everybody, at least he should go and put street light in Independence way, to take away the darkness on the street at night. What an irony, claiming to have raised more internally generated revenue than previous governments; but after two years, uncompleted projects litter our roads. Kaduna is more ugly and dirty than ever before. Reforms are only being initiated to deceive international donors and investors, to bring in more money, that will end up disappearing without impacting the common man. If you have score to settle with the Comrade Senator, who has engaged you strictly on issues and you have responded with conspiracies, go and confront him, he is equal to the task, but do not drag our apolitical SOKAPU into it.

I want to use this medium to again thank Comrade Senator Shehu Sani, Mrs. Comfort Musa and Mr. Rijo Shekari for honoring us with your presence during our stakeholders meeting at BBS Diamond Hotel, Barnawa, Kaduna. Indeed, you all are our true friends and we will also be your friends, we appreciate you all. I also thank our stakeholders that attended the meeting and hope everyone arrived home safely. I cannot also forget to appreciate our members all over the world that were able to read in-between the lines the unintelligent attempt to misrepresent our commitment to the progress of Southern Kaduna. Regardless of political party affiliation we are ready to walk with anyone that is walking with us in our time of need, and who support our collective aspiration as a people.

Under my determined leadership, we the SOKAPU Youth Wing will not in any way be intimidated by anyone no matter how highly placed, not less the power-drunk emperor in Sir Kashim Ibrahim House, we will stand for the truth and with our friends at all times. THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES.

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