ABE Career Advancement and Entrepreneurship Seminar slated for 16th February 2018 has come and gone, but not without making a mark. It was a gathering of financial literacy experts from ABE UK who provided valuable insights on how to forge a successful career or own a thriving business.

The event took place in the early hours of the morning at Hotel Seventeen, No. 6 Tafawa Balewa/Lafiya Road Kaduna. With talks ranging from how to man professionals of the highest calibre in the relevant disciplines, such as; finance, administration, marketing and business development. .

ABE UK, noted that their two year Diploma programes gives you a thorough grounding in Business Management and is a great a springboard for progressing to higher levels of academic study. It is at the same level of difficulty as year one of a Bachelors degree. Mr. Shola the ABE Kaduna representative, added that this certifications include compulsory units courses in Dynamic Business Environments, Employ-ability and Self-development, Entrepreneurship, Project Management and the likes.

According to Jesse Abu one of the seminar participant, he said: “It is a good one, my entrepreneurship spirit is further uplifted. All thanks to ABE, UK.” The organisers of ABE emphasized on the importance of pursing ABE certifications promising to storm Kaduna again in a bigger way.

Mr. Shola further pointed that nations are now more concerned about the quality of education that will provide opportunities for employment and generate income to both the individual and the nation at large. And not the type of education that tends to produce ‘consumers’.

ABE, UK provides such kind of entrepreneurship sharpening which makes her students understand business and entrepreneurship in practical terms. He asked, is being an entrepreneur limited to some specific group of individuals? Are people born entrepreneurs or made entrepreneurs ? The ABE programmes answers all these.

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