“As entrepreneurs, we don’t discriminate whose money to collect in exchange for goods and services; be they YPP, APC, PDP, SDP or whatever political party the person supports. Christians, Muslims, traditionalists and even atheists are our customers, we simply don’t check these seeming differences” Tim Maiyaki said in a recent interview with Journalists in Kafanchan, Kaduna State. He made the statement while fielding questions by journalists on the forthcoming Flag-off of the Fast Tracking Entrepreneurship Growth Project, organised by the Chungaipreneur Enterprises and on the importance of entrepreneurship in peace building.

Tim, who is the founder of Chungaipreneur Enterprises, a Kaduna based enterprise, that supports entrepreneurs growth, said ‘the FEGP is the outcome of Chungaipreneur’s maiden annual entrepreneurship seminar held in Kafanchan, which seeks to encourage aspiring, startups and established entrepreneurs achieve their goals”. “We are putting together a sustainable platform to assist youths who had taken the challenge from our last year’s event and have started small businesses on their own. We have identified some of them and are therefore willing to assist them with the necessary, knowledge, mentoring, tools and support to enable them grow and expand into wealth and job creators in the region”. He added.

While responding to questions on the place of entrepreneurship in peace building, Maiyaki said “aside creating wealth and jobs etc, entrepreneurship unites people and gives them a sense of mutual responsibility as a people, who must look out for each other to ensure society is stable for continued enterprise”. He further asserted “We are the most hit, whenever there are unrests, we loss a lot due to low patronage or supplies. No serious business person would ordinarily wish his customers, suppliers, distributors, importers etc any harm, irrespective of their political, ethnic or religious leaning” he further stressed.

While emphasising the role of entrepreneurs as peace ambassadors, he said “Only in the markets, banks, restaurants, filling stations or wherever entrepreneurs provide services etc, would you see Nigerians mingling freely while getting their needs met. I think our drive to provide varied solutions to different problems tends to unite the people”

Finally, he added that, the Flag-off of the FEGP on the 31st DEC. 2018 buttresses his claims, as people of different religions, ethnic and political leaning will grace the occasion to support the organisers and the entrepreneurs.
‘this is historic and a big feat to me, it tells a lot about a new Southern Kaduna of political tolerance”.

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