(By Ndi Kato)

Writing about Barrister Emmanuel Enoidem is not the easiest task; it is akin to unearthing great treasure and having to explain to the world every gem in a box of innumerable treasures.

There are many sides to the National Legal Adviser of the Peoples Democratic Party; Barrister Emmanuel Enoidem holds this position at the most tumultuous period in the history of the largest party in West Africa.

One would typically feel concern for anyone occupying the office of the National Legal Adviser at a time in our history when the law is being trampled upon and the limits of legality are being tested but not Enoidem; Barrister Emmanuel Enoidem was built to thrive through the harshest conditions.

I have had the rare privilege of close proximity to Enoidem due to the choked political season. He lives, breathes and sleeps his job and the duties it requires.
The first advice Enoidem gave me was of the importance of loyalty, the second was about work ethic; I hold both dearly. He is not known for leisurely activities or vacations because of his determination to cross the last “t” and dot the last “i” but then work never ends and he never seems to notice.

The earlier part of this year was spent putting every piece of the puzzle together to bring the Peoples Democratic Party to where it is today; Enoidem’s office was pivotal to the success of this rebuilding process. He was also drafted into several other unrelated committees to serve. The workload back then and even now ensures that Barrister Enoidem is knee deep in work every single day. He is described at the party secretariat as the man whose heels don’t touch the floor; always in a hurry.

Why am I writing all these?
Because someone has to tell it; Barrister Emmanuel Enoidem loathes publicity, hates the attention and prefers to create the big picture behind the scenes with little to no recognition.

He prefers that few know his role in transforming Akwa Ibom, few know his role in rebuilding the PDP today, few know his role in rescuing Nigeria; he is crucial in all three.

If Barrister Enoidem will not accept praise on any other day, he will be force-fed praise today.

Here are other things about one of the greatest leaders I have come across.
Apart from his dedication to work, Barrister Emmanuel Enoidem is a kind man; he is tough due to his love for excellence but everyone can testify that he is a kind man. Enoidem cannot watch anyone suffer without trying to fix it. He is a rallying point for his community, a good friend to everyone lucky enough to call him friend, a problem solver, an ally and the embodiment of loyalty through thick and thin.

I write this as someone who gets to work close to Enoidem and is blessed to call him a mentor.
Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlyle said it best;
“No great man lives in vain.
The history of the world is but the biography of great men.”

Barrister Emmanuel Enoidem, Your greatness cannot be hidden no matter how hard you try.
The world is your stage and you were built to conquer through chaos and adversity.
PDP is blessed to have you at this time.
Nigeria needs you and you have stepped up as you always do.
And for those who call you friend, today is a beautiful day to celebrate you.

Happy Birthday Barrister Enoidem,
You are a shining light, my teacher and an irreplaceable mentor.
I wish you many more years for our sake and that of our dear country.
You have blazed the trail I will follow.
God bless you.

Ndi Kato,
Dir. of Public Comm,
Middle Belt Forum

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